Recently, we got the chance to check out the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset and Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.) unit, two of the company’s newest products. The Elite Pro is geared specifically for tournament gamers and has a lot of qualities that should be of use to those gamers or, for that matter, any hardcore gamer! The Elite Pro Headset features a strong, yet flexible body with sleek gunmetal, black, and orange color scheme bound to open up conversations with those wondering what kind of headset it is. The Tactical Audio Controller is an option, $200 addition to the Elite Pro Headset which performs some nice audio processing and customization.

Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

Built for tournament gamers, the Elite Pro is replete with comfort-focused features. The best of these is what Turtle Beach calls the ComforTec system. This system  is a really ingenious way to get the proper headset fit, every time you put it on your head. There are two sliders on the top of the headband, one on each side, that allow you to independently adjust the fit. The cool part is that they have a numbered measurement system next to the slider so you can know what size is best suited to your head. Furthermore, each earcup also has some slight independent motion – allowing you to get the best fit possible. Speaking of ear cups, the Elite Pro ear cups are made of a very comfortable foam material with an inner core of gel! They are very soft and a joy to wear for hours of gaming. If you wear gaming eyewear or simply eyeglasses, you can wear them with the headset by flipping a switch that create a small channel in the ear cups for the arms of the glasses.

The Tactical Audio Controller is a small black box with some slider controls as well as a silver knob on the front of it. The TAC’s sliders control game volume, the background noise limiter, outbound microphone volume boost, and the microphone monitor level. The silver knob adjusts the overall volume of the headphones. On the top of the TAC you will find numerous audio input and outputs – both for your PC as well as game consoles. The TAC unit is the only way to get 7.1 channel virtual surround sound from the Elite Pro Headset, and it handles audio processing really well – the sound output is great and really helps immerse you into your game.

Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.)

Star Wars Battlefront sounds stunning while listening to the game through the Elite Pro Headset and TAC unit. The sound is crisp, full of body, and very pleasing to listen to. Switching gears to Master of Orion, a new 4X space strategy game, I was also pleased at how the headset and TAC unit performed in lower-volume, more intimate conditions. The Elite Pro lineup is great for both loud and soft audio environments.

Overall, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset and TAC unit are not only excellent products for the tournament gamers, but any gamer seeking excellent audio performance while playing their favorite titles. Both the Elite Pro Headset and TAC unit retail for $199.95 each, while a bundle pack can be purchased for $399.95.

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