If you plan on going out to any multi-day airsoft games, you may experience the need for a cot – at the very least, a sleeping bag. However, when you absolutely need to elevate yourself off the ground while you sleep, there is no cheaper and effective solution than a good old fashioned cot. We got the chance to look at the Coleman Trailhead II military style cot and had some very positive experiences with it.

The first notable aspect of the Coleman Trailhead II is its price. At about $50 dollars (often times far less depending on the retailer), the Trailhead II features a supportive frame and an easy-to-fold up design which makes storing in the included canvas bag very simple. They even put the instructions on how to deploy the cot right on the bag. The biggest issue I encountered while deploying the cot was installing the cross bars that pull the canvas sleeping surface taut. It can be very tricky to get both sides installed as the tension is fairly great on the other end, once one of the cross bars is in place. It does get a little easier once the sleeping surface is worn-in a bit, so you might want to put some heavy weights across it for a few days before taking it on the road.


If you are a larger person, you shouldn’t worry as the cot’s “x-frame” is made from steel and can support a person up to 6′ 2” in height and 300 lbs in weight! The cot isn’t the widest sleep surface ever, but is adequate for sleeping on one’s side or back. I would not trust it to a lot of tossing and turning, however, as it is possible to roll off of the thing.

In terms of comfort, the Coleman Trailhead II is fine for what it is – however, I highly recommend that you lay down one of Coleman’s self-inflating mats across it before turning in for the night. The added padding will make things a lot more bearable for restful sleep. The cot itself weighs around 17 lbs, so it is not the lightest cot in the world, but also not the heaviest. Its size makes it a good bit of dead weight, though, so I would also recommend that you keep the cot deployed at your side’s base of operations.

Overall, the Coleman Trailhead II military style cot is a good purchase at $49.99 – again, most of the time less if you shop around a bit online. It had good durability and a convenient carrying bag.

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