VFC’s new generation of AEGs come with a lot of cool features – both internally and externally. Many of these features and more can be found on the new Spartan SRX Blackout series model 306 airsoft rifle by Palco Sports, Spartan, with manufacturing by VFC. Externally, the entire SRX 300 Blackout series is beautiful – each with its own design aesthetic and intended usage. The SRX Blackout Series Model 206 is intended for assault, with a black, full metal body, 9.5 inch rail system, and VFC’s new QRS stock. For you trademark junkies out there, you will find both Spartan and VFC trades alongside the rifle’s receiver. Included in the package are two front end rail covers to protect your hands from getting unnecessarily cut as well as one midcap magazine. Please note that some retailers are selling this airsoft gun with an additional midcap magazine AND foregrip. Your mileage may vary on that.

Internally, the SRX Blackout series 306 comes with VFC’s new generation 8mm version 2 gearbox. Of course, being a VFC gearbox, you get their auto-shimming steel gears (whether you love them or not) as well as their new hop-up chamber. While some people are not huge fans of the self-shimming gears, they are working great in this new line of VFC manufactured AEGs and I nave no complaints about them. The SRX 306 also features a polycarbonate piston an aluminum, ported piston head. Overall, this AEG has a lot of performance right out of the box, with our testing yielding around 385 feet per second and a fire rate of 16BBs per second with a 9.6V battery.


On the field, I played several weekends worth of games at SC Village in Norco, CA and had an absolute blast. The SRX Blackout 306 has a snappy trigger response and aggressive look which definitely turned heads. I actually had several other players ask me what kind of gun it was and where they could get one for themselves. I also wanted to give big props to Palco Sports and Spartan for using the VFC QRS stock on this rifle. It is one of the best airsoft rifle stocks I have ever used and couldn’t believe how easy it was to open up and insert a battery into. I would not hesitate to use this in a milsim game or even a game on a local field, however it definitely shoots too hot for indoor CQB gameplay.

Overall, we had a great time checking out the Spartan SRX Blackout Series 306 from Palco Sports, Spartan, and VFC. It has a lot solid build quality, both inside and out, and would make a great airsoft rifle for any outdoor milsim or skirmish games. The rifle retails for $339.99 and is available now.

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