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Good optics are a bit of a controversial topic in airsoft. Some hardcore players will purchase an optic that cost two to three times the price of their actual airsoft gun! The question is, do you need it when many players do just fine with iron sights or even sighting down the muzzle of their guns? Obviously, it is a deeply personal choice. For me, I like having an optic on the airsoft rifle I use – especially one with a bit of zoom factor to it. Airsoft is not a very long range hobby, so a 4X zoom is a great option. Not only will it get you in close to see where your BBs are landing, but it will also allow you to still engage closer targets – albeit not as effectively as a dedicated, 1X red dot, etc.

Lucid Optics is a US-based firearms optics company that is known for offering high quality optics for less than high price points. You can find our review of their M7 microdot red dot sight here. While at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, we got to lay our eyes on their upcoming P7 4X optic, and now it has hit the market. Retailing for $439 dollars, the optic features a rugged, rubberized body with nitrogen purged housing, giving it a 100% fog-proofing. It also features the very cool reticle auto-brightness feature found on other Lucid Optics models, which is great when moving in and out of structures. The P7 has a very clear reticle with an interesting MoA “measuring tape” system. This is for the real steel shooters out there, but it is said to allow the shooter to more easily account for distance in placing their shots. In fact, each part of their P7 reticle has a very specific size, shape, or distance from center, all of which means something. If you are buying this optic for real steel shooting, please take the time to fully understand what it all means.

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Being that it is meant to put up with real steel usage, the P7 Weapon Optic is very rugged, with what the company is calling a 100% shockproof design, rated up to a .458 SOCOM! While airsoft does not feature the kind of recoil real steel firearms features, a player’s equipment still needs to put up with running, jumping, and crawling through all manner of rugged terrain. It also needs to put up with the shock that comes with slamming into objects one comes across in the environment. If I had a nickel for every time I accidentally hit my rifle into the side of a wall or tree, I would be sitting on beach at my own private island resort right now. Thankfully, the Lucid Optics P7 4X Weapon Optic puts up with all of this punishment and keeps on ticking. I even attached it to my KWA PTR LM4 gas blowback airsoft rifle, which features a nice little bit of recoil, and the optic never lost its zero.

The one thing I did not get a chance to do was actually take this optic out into the airsoft field and play a game with it. This evaluation is based solely on airsoft firing range time only. We did not take the optic out into the field as we didn’t want it to accidentally get shot out from a BB strike (it is a review item and will have to be sent back). Given the price point of this optic, I would highly recommend that you get a high quality BB shield made from polycarbonate that will avoid unfortunate, and costly, breakage.

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Another great “plus” in choosing the Lucid P7 4X Weapon Optic is that it is powered by one AA style battery. Many optics on the market opt for CR123A style batteries. While offering a smaller form factor, these are harder to come by in most places. Using a AA is great choice as they are readily available – even in local super gas station mini-marts. Furthermore, the AA battery life of this optic is advertised at 2500 hours! That is over 104 straight days of use for those of you not wanting to do the math. As my time is limited with this review unit, I can’t guarantee that this rating is correct but Lucid Optics has a history of being honest with their customers and treating them right – I have no reason to doubt them on this point.

Overall, the Lucid Optics P7 4X Weapon Optic is one of the best 4X optics you can buy under $500 dollars. It is at the high end of the optics I would use on an airsoft rifle, but if your airsoft gun already costs $300 to $400 dollars, then it is not a far shot to picking one up. It is probably a bit too much for your $150 dollar Combat Machine, but that’s an entry level rifle and this kind of optic doesn’t fit that demographic. As a final thought on this optic: It is made to stand up to the rigors of real steel shooting – so, if you have an AR platform of your own, you will also be able to use it on that too!

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