LOS GATOS, Calif. – (May 20, 2014) – Zepp Labs, a leader in sports sensor technology and new leader in tennis data, today released the first ever consumer technology that enables tennis players and coaches to capture and analyze serves in 3D on their smartphone or tablet. Simply attach the Zepp™ multi-sport sensor to the handle of any racket, serve a ball and instantly see 3D results on your smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android device) when using new and improved Zepp Tennis™ app. The new app also measures important serve metrics such as racket speed, ball speed potential, spin, backswing time and impact time, which gives players and coaches a new more scientific way to evaluate performance on the court. Additionally, the new sweet spot feature shows you where you make contact with the ball on the racket strings—a key element in gauging your contact quality and consistency.

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“3D performance analysis is something that’s never been available to tennis consumers before, and we’re incredibly proud to be the first company to offer it,” said Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp Labs. “Players know that small adjustments can make a huge impact on their game. Using Zepp, now they can help pinpoint where to make adjustments on their serve and work on repeating their ideal swing.”

Additional features include the ability to overlay and compare two serves, compare your serve to a tennis pro or even your own coach, view your serve history and track your serve trends and performance over time. Users can also choose between 3D Serve Practice and Play Tracking, the former offering 3D serve analysis only and the latter providing the ability to track and aggregate swing data about your forehand, backhand and serve during a practice session or a match.

The Zepp multi-sport sensor is available at Apple stores, select Best Buy and Verizon stores, tennis-warehouse.com and Zepp.com for $149.99. The new Zepp Tennis app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play. The Zepp multi-sport sensor also works for golf, baseball and softball using the Zepp Golf and Zepp Baseball apps.

Additional Information on Zepp Tennis’ New Metrics

  •  Racket Speed Impact measures, in miles per hour, the velocity of the sweet spot of your racket when it impacts with the ball.
  •  Ball Speed Potential is a prediction of ball speed based on your racket speed assuming you strike the ball as well as possible.
  •  Ball Spin indicates the amount of spin the racket puts on the ball after impact and is calculated on a scale of 0 (no spin) to 10 (maximum amount of spin).
  •  Backswing Time measures, in seconds, the time between tossing the ball until the lower point of the racket drop position, or when you have brought your racket up, and bent your arm in an L shape, and the racket head has dropped in preparation to swing and make impact.
  •  Impact Time measures, in seconds, the time from the end of the backswing until the racket impacts the ball.

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