Recently, the folks at High Noon Targets sent us over one of their target sets to review. If you are a big fan of airsoft gaming, one of the challenges you have faced is how to test out your guns in the privacy of your own home. Where this becomes tricky is not wanting to accidentally damage anything in your own home due to ricochets, etc. If you have a game room or basement (not many of us do in Southern California), then you are in a bit of a better position. Either way, High Noon Targets has created an airsoft target with a built in trap that promises to prevent BB ricochet and make your home target practice more fun and less messy.

Of course, please be sure to check with state and local laws prior to using your airsoft guns and always wear eye protection – safety first, people! Now that the safety spiel is out of the way, we can take a look at the High Noon Target itself. Resembling a standard silhouette target you might see at a real steel firing range, the target paper is laid over a special cardboard backing which is then embedded into a plastic frame with a built-in hook that can hang on a wall, post, etc. The real trick in making this successful at its promise is in the target’s cardboard and embedding. If the cardboard is too thick, BBs won’t penetrate – too thin, and BBs might go through and bounce out like a hot knife through butter. If the target is not embedded just right in its housing, then BBs could roll out the bottom or bounce out the sides. It must have taken some trial and error but it looks like High Noon Targets found the right mix of factors because the target system works beautifully.

Video Testing and Review

Very affordable, you can get the initial package of 2 target papers , 1 backing, and 1 cardboard insert as a set for $21.00 dollars. Once you have shot that up good, you can get replacement kits of 4 cardboard inserts and 8 paper targets for about $13.00 dollars. This makes it a very handy way to practice your muscle memory or just have fun and do some shooting.

Overall, High Noon Targets airsoft target system is an exceptional way to use your airsoft guns in the house without making a gigantic mess everywhere. Plus, they are laid out like real steel firearms targets – so, if you have an airsoft replica you use for real steel muscle memory, improving your draw, etc then this system would be perfect for you.

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