The folks at AirSplat and Tac City North in Irwindale, CA allowed us access to their indoor CQB field to review the new AREA Amoeba S-Class M4 CCR airsoft gun. Being one of ARES new, pistol style M4 airsoft guns, the Amoeba CCR is, as you would guess, pretty compact. In fact, it only has a 4 inch barrel on it! Featuring all-black styling and nylon polymer receivers, the airsoft gun is also exceptionally light weight. Unlike the Amoeba CCP, this model has a folding rear stock, which allows you to wield it around like a sub-machine gun. Furthering this end, ARES includes a short vertical foregrip to enhance your control of its small frame.

The battery compartment is actually located inside the top rail on the upper receiver. However, take note as we were only able to fit an 8.4v stick type battery inside of it. There may be some 7.6v LiPo batteries that fit, but none of ours did during our testing.  With an 8.6v battery connected to it, we received chronograph values of about 280 FPS on average. The chronograph readings you are seeing in the video are literally the first time the gun had been fired out of the box. So, that’s why it takes a few shots for it to loosen up to spec. In burst fire, we read a chronograph value of 857 rounds per minute, which is fine for a stock gun. I would not recommend running anything higher than a 9.6v battery in the gun.


*The ARES Amoeba, seen below the Magpul PTS Masada

In actual play, I loved how easy it was to maneuver through the tight corners of Tac City North’s indoor arena. After returning from a few games with it, I was nothing but grins, and am very interested in obtaining one for my own airsoft gun collection. In outdoor play, I would not recommend using the Amoeba unless it were your backup gun. To that end, I would probably recommend the Amoeba CCP variant, as it has much more of a pistol form factor. Retailing at a reasonable $199.99 the ARES Amoeba S-Class M4 CCR airsoft gun won’t break your budget either and uses standard M4 style magazines.

Video Review

*Please note, this is the first video review ever for this player – welcome aboard, Henry!


  • Small form factor
  • STANAG type M4/M16 magazines
  • Good FPS for CQB fields

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Cons

  • Uses an increasingly rare short stick type battery


Overall, the ARES Amoeba S-Class M4 CCR airsoft gun is an excellent, budget-friendly choice for your indoor, CQB style airsoft games. It performs well, is easy to operate, and is a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. The ARES Amoeba S-Class M4 CCR airsoft gun retails for $199.99 and is available now. It also comes in three varieties based on your needs – a pistol type, collapsible stock, and fixed stock type. Just be sure you have a battery that will fit its small battery compartment.

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