My original intention with Outdoor Technology’s CHIPS Bluetooth speakers was to somehow integrate them into a MICH style airsoft helmet to allow me to listen to tunes while playing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper audio liner to fit a military helmet. So, I instead decided to review them to their intended purpose: To provide wireless audio for Winter sports helmets. Here is the catch, however, I don’t actually do any Winter sports. After talking with a friend of mine, they lent me their helmet that, thankfully, had ear pads in it with drop in pockets already!

Setting up the Outdoor Technology CHIPS is straightforward as far as Bluetooth devices is concerned. Controlling the CHIPS is done through these large, buttons built into the sides of each CHIPS speaker. In a stroke of genius by Outdoor Technology, you can pretty much operate every feature you would want to through numerous button presses. For instance, if you want to increase the volume, simply double press the left ear button – to decrease volume, single press it! You can even access SIRI by holding down the left ear button and pressing the right one. It does take a bit of time to get the muscle memory of what sequence does what but, once figured out, you will find it very effortless to manipulate.

Instructions for the Chips

The CHIPS sound quality is decent, and had a nice, full sound when listened to inside the helmet. While I didn’t listen to them on the mountain, I did  walk around outside like some sort of head case for about an hour and had no complaints making out the audio from the ambient noise. Speaking of ambient noise, I love that you can adjust the volume of these to where you can still hear what’s going on around you – a very important and safe thing to do. Being wireless via Bluetooth technology, the CHIPS allow you to listen to music without having to run a wire down the back of your helmet, into your jacket, and into your phone or other music player. This convenience factor alone makes CHIPS worth the cost of purchase as I simply hate having to worry about getting caught or snagged on something thanks to a dangling cord.

Overall, Outdoor Technology’s CHIPS Bluetooth audio speakers are an excellent purchase for $129.99 at their official website. If you need to listen to your music while on the slopes, you will not be disappointed with purchasing these wireless, drop-in speakers.

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