Cannes, France – January the 14th 2014 – Cubical Drift, an independent video game studio, is pleased to present the first look at gameplay elements and assets of its debut title Planets3, whose development will be supported by a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months.

A perfect blend of adventure, RPG and construction elements, Planets3 will ship players through a spatial epic in an all in cubes universe. Alone or with friends, they will raise their character’s levels, solve the different storyline quests, build tools, houses and vehicles to explore the many available planets and defeat monsters and bosses in the dungeons.

Planets3 playground: an infinite universe

The Planets3 world is constructed entirely from blocks of different shapes and sizes. With the right tools, players will be able to pick up these blocks to use them at will by using blocks as-is or by breaking them down into materials to create new objects. Planets3 truly allows players to unleash their imagination.

Planets3 is a massive universe, comprised of several solar systems that players can freely visit. Each solar system is replete with planets and their moons, full of resources waiting to be captured.

In Planets3, planets are cubes, their trajectories are square and relatively close to each other. Because of this unique trajectory, the severity of gravity can be different on each planet’s side!

The history of Planets3

Aliens in human form crashed on Earth a few decades ago.and never left.

As the story progresses, players will discover why these aliens stayed on the planet and will have to rescue these visitors, and even help build a ship so they can go back home.

Planets3 also offers side quests that will allow players to unlock the secrets of the Planets3 universe and find objects only available in these optional storylines.

“We started the Planetsł adventure because we believe that there is still plenty of exploration left to be done in the world building genre. Imagine: a world of cubes that has nearly endless possibilities, while also providing a unique look.” explains Michel Thomazeau, Cubical Drift’s founder. “We wanted to bring in the third dimension that is often lacking in the genre.”


Equipping different pieces of weapons and armor, the player will be able to customize their fighting style: stealthy approach, ranged or close fighting…

This flexible system will allow players to quickly change their style in combat: starting a fight with ranged abilities and finishing their foe off with hand-to-hand attacks.


Master crafters, scattered throughout the world, are true masters of art, and can teach players to create many of the weapons and objects that will allow them to evolve and explore the entire universe.

Planets3 Is Scheduled to Release in the Summer of 2015

The Kickstarter campaign to support the development of Planets3 will start within the next 2 months.

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