Ft. Lauderdale, FL (January 3, 2014) – On Friday December 20th 2013 during the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) High School All-­‐American match at Seattle’s Key Arena, a new sports telemetry system known as VERTcast was displayed on the Jumbotron for spectators. The VERTcast showcased jump height data in real-­‐time.

“VERT is a game changer for Volleyball” said Mary Wise, Head Coach for the University of Florida who attended the match. “We have been using VERT technology all year for injury prevention with jump count data” said Wise.

Mayfonk Athletic created the VERTcast technology using their VERT® jump device that will be available for purchase at this year’s 2014 CES convention. The VERT® jump device is used by individuals and teams to monitor jump height as well as jump count. The VERT® jump device is worn around the waist and integrated in the VERTbelt similar to a heart rate monitor.

The VERT® jump device has a built-­‐in OLED display for instant display. VERT® also has built-­‐in Bluetooth 4.0, which communicates with proprietary VERT iOS app available for download on the Apple app store. VERT® app syncs with the VERT® jump device and displays results in real-­‐ time.

The VERT® jump device was introduced at the 2013 CES show and has gained attention in jumping sports such as volleyball and basketball.

“It has been an amazing ride since last year’s CES show where we began as a start-­‐up in the Eureka Park exhibit” said Mayfonk founder Martin Matak. “Our technology is leading a new segment in the wearable fitness tech category and I am even more excited about our broadcast capabilities for fans” said Matak.

The highest “VERTical” of the match was 28.4” by All-­‐American Carli Snyder from Dakota High School and future student at the University of Florida.

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