In this Gamer Fitness review, we are looking at the new formula of MusclePharm’s Assault pre-workout supplement drink mix. The version of Assault we tested was the Pineapple Mango flavor and was sent to us by MusclePharm via


MusclePharm has been a marketing machine for the last couple years – utilizing well-designed labels and strategies to drive their products home and Assault is no exception. The jar itself is a black plastic but the label is bright with its aesthetically-pleasing white and green touches. It also sports the UFC logo which MusclePharm is listed as the “Official Supplement Provider” to.



The directions instruct the user to mix one scoop of Assault with water and drink about fifteen minutes prior to your workout. They also recommend that the user drinks 1 gallon of water per day! That is quite a bit of water but you will need it to help flush out all of the extra compounds in Assault that your body doesn’t utilize. Also, if you are doing intense workouts, you should be losing a lot of water by way of sweat, so it won’t hurt to drink that much. I have always been leery of sports supplements that tout delicious flavor. In fact – of all the supplements I have ever tried, the best tasting are from Cytosport – but, I digress… Drinking down the pineapple mango Assault with 8 ounces of water, I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is not close the best I have ever had. However, it was decent and I don’t have any hesitation of tasting it again. I would not recommend trying to drink it down with milk – stick to water like the instructions recommend. Also, cold water helps it taste better than using room temperature water.


About fifteen minutes after drinking my first serving of Assault, I noticed a slight tingling sensation in the tips of my ears, which eventually moved down to the sides of my neck. I also noticed a little bit of stomach rumbling but nothing too bad. About twenty five minutes after drinking, I felt that slight tingling sensation also around my upper torso. Along with this tingle, I also felt noticeably more aware and energized. I used Assault for a couple weeks, every other day before weight training and running. This tingling sensation did subside somewhat after the first few uses – not sure if my body just needed to adjust to the compounds in the supplement or what. Thankfully, the increased energy did translate to more focused and intense workouts. I run to the iOS app, “Zombies,Run!’ and I noticed that I was able to outrun the random zombie hordes way more often than I did before using Assault. Finally, I should mention that I did not suffer from any “crash” of energy after its effects wore off – kudos to MusclePharm for that!


MusclePharm’s new incarnation of its pre-workout supplement, Assault, seems to provide a good amount of additional energy as well as decent taste. You can check out the official Assault product page for purchasing information.

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