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King Arms has always been known for solid build quality and performance in their airsoft guns. Recently, we were sent over one of their King Arms VLTOR M4 VIS carbine AEGs – a very aggressive-appearing M4 based on the real steel VLTOR VIS M4. In terms of overall style and look, the King Arms Vltor M4 VIS is very stylish, featuring an all metal VIS integrated receiver and rail platform as well as a multi-position, clubfoot style stock. Each of these rifles comes with a unique serial number and detailed laser markings engraved on the integrated receiver and rail platform. The M4 VIS features VLTOR trademarks as well as some cool laser engravings.

In case you are not sure what VLTOR’s VIS (Versatile Interface Structure) is, here is the official description from the real steel manufacturer’s website:

The VIS is a polylithic upper receiver assembly that ties the normally individual receiver and handguard into an aggregate single part. This combination overcomes many problems that are associated with the traditional “two piece” design, most notably being greatly improved structural strength and repeatable accuracy; while affording the user the benefits of a free-floating barrel and rock solid railed fore end.

In a nice surprise, we found that the box includes one vertical foregrip, two cheek weld adapters, and a barrel nut tool – not to mention the 300 round hi-cap magazine to boot. Once all put together, it is easy to imagine using this baby on the airsoft field. It’s length is adjustable, thanks to the stock, from 26.3″ inches to a maximum length of 29.5″ inches. Please take note, however, that this M4 variant airsoft gun is, even at 29.5″, pretty short compared to more standard-sized guns. If you are looking for a compact M4 AEG, though, this airsoft gun will definitely make you happy. This airsoft gun also utilizes a reinforced, 7mm bearing Ver. 2 gearbox.

Another outstanding feature of this VIS M4 is that the lower handguard is removable in the exact same way it is on the real steel version. What this means is that, once removed, the outer barrel is exposed making it possible to mount an M203 grenade launcher on it! The ingenious qualities of the VIS system cannot be understated and I applaud both VLTOR for creating it and King Arms for bringing it to airsoft.


We clocked the King Arms Vltor M4 VIS shooting a little on the hot side at roughly 405 FPS out of the box. Usually, these guns have about a 1,000 round or so break-in period, after which time the FPS settles a bit. Once you put the gun through this, it should come in nicely at about 400FPS, keeping it within the “gray area” that many outdoor fields observe. It is important to note that in my chronographing of the gun, the BB velocity was VERY consistent. As you can see in the five shot series I performed above, the FPS was within 3 units of one another. I should note that the chronograph we used was an Evike.com Advanced Compact Airsoft Computer Chronograph II.

Unfortunately, I did have some difficulty attaching and removing the vertical fore-grip from the underside rail of the M4 VIS AEG. The grip uses a strange dual push-rod system to release tension on the attachment point. The problem is that holding both of those points down while also sliding it onto the rail is very uncomfortable – removing it even more so. It’s just not a very friendly system and I would have rather seen them include a more traditional screw-on fore-grip. Also, the multi-position stock is somewhat wobbly when attached to the buffer tube, but not dangerously-so. It is actually a good replica of the VLTOR Modstock system that the real steel firearm uses.

Overall, the King Arms VLTOR M4 VIS Carbine is an airsoft gun of excellent quality and one I would have no issue taking into a long-term airsoft tournament with me. This King Arms AEG performs well and has more than enough power to handle whatever you throw at it. The airsoft gun retails for about $250 dollars over at sites like eHobbyAsia and TigerHK. I am pleased to award the King Arms VLTOR M4 VIS Carbine AEG a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

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