Slickwraps has released an expanded line of iPhone 5 cases, some featuring cool wood veneer with interesting and eye-catching designs. Even cooler is that the designs are all swappable! I got the chance to check out the Ouija board model, which was a fine choice as the Halloween season draws near. You never know when you might need to perform a séance as your have a conversation!

Installing the Slickwrap onto my iPhone 5 was not difficult – one simply puts one edge of the phone into the case and then gently presses down on the other. The Ouija wrap already came stuck onto the case, and the box even included a front screen protector. I did have some difficulty laying out the screen protector without getting bubbles. I digress, though, as this has always been a skill that has eluded me. The design and look of the Ouija model was very good with precise, laser-cut lettering.

My biggest concern with the Slickwrap I looked at was the strength of the glue holding the wrap onto the case. Its edges would flare up whenever it got a bit warm. I would have to flatten the case out to get the wrap to adhere once again. I am unsure as to what can be done about this – the idea behind the wraps are that they can be swapped. Hence, the glue can’t be too strong. However, if you never plan on swapping out your wrap, I would highly suggest laying down a stronger adhesive.


The quality of the case itself was very good, it being constructed out of a flexible, yet-strong rubberized plastic that features a slight “lip” around its edge to keep the phone securely in place. I used Slickwraps: The Case for a couple weeks and never had any issue with my iPhone 5 falling out, etc.

We actually liked this review case enough that we purchased another one. Unfortunately, the engraving on the purchased one was a bit “off”. Thankfully, Slickwraps was good about exchanging it.

Overall, Slickwraps: The Case line of iPhone 5 cases are all unique and attractive, with quality engravings on the wood model I was able to try out. There are about 90 wrap materials and designs available on their website, so you are bound to find at least a few that you like. Individual wraps costs about $20 dollars each with the case costing a bit more. You can purchase them separately or together in a bundle.

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