BUENA PARK, Calif. (July, 2012) – What started as a few decorations and some hidden talent in Knott’s peek-ins in Ghost Town now embodies the Halloween season in Southern California – Knott’s Scary Farm and the infamous Halloween Haunt.  The event which has welcomed millions of visitors over the years is turning 40, and the celebration which kicks off on September 21, promises to be killer with 13 mazes and ride through attractions, 9 live shows, and four scare zones.

Knott’s Halloween Haunt continues to be the leader in theme park Halloween events and the anniversary celebration promises to go where Knott’s Halloween Haunt has never gone before with the debut of an interactive maze, new characters and surprises around every corner.



This reservation only, interactive maze leads guests into an abyss of their deepest fears and phobias.  You are part of the horror and an active participant in your own demise.  Do you have the courage to enter a nightmare designed exclusively for you and face the challenge of finding an escape?  Remember there are no doors in this nightmare.  *Additional fee applies.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat, which will it be?  Step forward and ring the witch’s doorbell.  Oh, she is home, but where?  You are not quite sure.  Don’t be afraid, her minions will guide you.  I am sure that the tales of the many Hallows Eve victims are just that.  You can come away with a treat, but is it worth it?

Dominion of the Dead

Welcome to the return of Dominion where creatures create art and music so beautiful the human mind cannot fully comprehend.  Orroro Bella, the beautiful horror, is what you will find within the walls of this gallery.  Lured by the undead, you descend deeper within the gallery as the chance to escape slips away.  You shall be their next masterpiece.

Pinocchio Unstrung

Years have passed since the blue fairy denied him his final wish, but Pinocchio has returned with an army of murderous marionettes intent on killing his former masters.  The purpose of his killing spree – human flesh to cover his twisted wooden body.  Revenge comes with no strings attached.

Evil Dead

Based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release April 2013, you and your friends ride through the woods to an isolated cabin where you discover the secrets of The Book of the Dead.  A demonic force is unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival.   Meet five friends to escape the terror that has possessed them and now threatens you to join the “Evil Dead.”


Returning mazes this year have all been enhanced for the 40th – Knott’s Berry Farm’s present to all their loyal Haunt fans.


In the deep recesses of the mind, on the clouded brink of insanity, lies the hellish wasteland of delirium; a place so gruesome that your imagination fails to comprehend the horrors.  Illusion and paranoia are your only anchors to reality.  Welcome to your worst nightmare!   Anniversary present: The Pillar of Souls.

ENDGAMES: Warriors of the Apocalypse

The world as we know it has ended.  The survivors in this barren desert have scavenged to rebuild society.  The rich and the powerful have turned all others into slaves for sport.  Enter the post apocalyptic arena where gladiators are forced to battle to their deaths for entertainment.  Are you game?  Anniversary present: Expanded Arena.

Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse

Folks near and far come a-runnin’ for Farmer Willy’s world famous BBQ!  Guests are welcome to venture through the Slaughterhouse where Uncle Willy will feed them full of BBQ, slather them with special sauce, tenderize them with his chainsaw and grind them into a tasty treat.  Bone appetite!  Anniversary present: Guests can take a full tour of Uncle Willy’s kitchen, dining room and learn the secret ingredients in his BBQ sauce!

Fallout Shelter in 3D

Locked in a cement grave for decades, deep in the bowels of the lake, an abandoned government fallout shelter is crawling with human/animal genetic hybrids, toxic mutants and nuclear freaks hungry for human carnage.  Grab your Geiger Counters and put on your radiation suits, the residents are ravenous!  Anniversary present:  More toxic sludge than ever before!

Virus Z

Welcome to Pleasanton- Population: Zero.  Virus Z has turned the entire town into hunger-crazed zombies and visitors are the preferred meal.  Hordes of bloodthirsty corpses roam the small town in search of fresh meat. Anniversary present: A bloody “Carrie” finale based on the upcoming film, which is set for theatrical release March 2013.

Terror of London

Step back in time and into the fog-filled streets of London.  The villains of the night are terrorizing the townsfolk!  Step lively or you’ll fall victim to Jack the Ripper’s blade!  Anniversary present:  Death scenes more historically accurate!

Dia De Los Muertos

Venture into the forbidden jungle of El Chupacabra where sacrificial blood rains down from the sky.  The screams of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman, echo around you and the creatures of the night crawl from their crypts – “Dia de los Muertos,” the “Day of the Dead” has arrived!  Anniversary present: Watch your step through The Chamber of Snakes.

Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3D

Step right up, don’t be shy Inside you will find a villainous variety of vaudevillian visages to vex even the most valiant voyeurs!  It’s the greatest slaughter on earth with clown carnage galore!  Anniversary present:  1/3 more red clown noses.


The backstreets of Ghost Town are shrouded in moonlight darkness and fearsome howls pierce the silence.  In a blur of crimson teeth, werewolves stalk the “Gypsy Camp” seeking revenge for an ancient gypsy curse.  Will you be the canine’s next meal?

“Necropolis,” a vampire world of flesh and machine, of gears and steam offers a journey through the streets of a steam punk influenced city of the dead where blood is power.

There is no place quite like “Ghost Town,” home to a whole cast of night stalkers including the notorious Sliders who lurk in every fog-filled corner.  Guests attempt to navigate the winding streets that may just lead to the graveyard!

Knott’s Boardwalk is taken over by “CarnEVIL,” where the freak show is the main event and clowns crave your undying attention.


A trip to Halloween Haunt would not be complete without the shows!  See one, see them all – Knott’s entertainment offers so many twisted choices.

In the Ghoul Time Theatre Haunt favorite Ed Alonzo stars in “Ed Alonzo’s Fun House.”  This self-proclaimed Misfit of Magic brings slight-of-hand, slight-of-mouth and slight of mind to this insane, psycho-sensory production.

Mystery Lodge will be the site of the new show, “Unearthed” a journey into Halloween Haunt’s dark past. The phantoms of yesterday rise up and join the current terror of Knott’s Scary Farm for a spirited show that reveals long buried secrets of Haunt.

At Necropolis Theatre guests can watch the ghoulishly great performance of Street Drum Corps “Blood Drums” show.  This high energy drumming quartet is known for their unique blend of amazing percussion skills.

Also in Necropolis, guests may venture upon a crazy inventor who has discovered ways to keep the insanity of the Vampyric Blood suckers alive, in “Mephisto’s Mechanical Mayhen.”  Watch as he pedals and demonstrates his wares to unsuspecting mortals.

Knott’s Boardwalk Ballroom will be transformed into “Scott Land’s Tonga Tiki Terror” where the spirit of evil reigns as the terrifying Tiki unleashes its horrible Tonga terror.

In Knott’s historic Birdcage Theatre, “Zamora’s Sideshow of the Horrors” will amaze audiences with his mind blowing, invasive, self-inflicted pain and torture.   The Gypsy Camp area will present “Cursed” featuring the magical and hypnotic powers of the beautiful Gypsy dancers.

Calico Square will not only be the location of the popular “Hanging®” but also a special Midnight Witching Hour, a homage to the classic hangings of Halloween Haunt past.

Knott’s Halloween Haunt dates are September 21-22, 27-30, October 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28, 30-31, 2012.  Event hours are 7pm – 1am; Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-2am.

The Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Scary Farm is a special ticket event not covered by regular Knott’s Berry Farm admission or a Knott’s Season Pass.  Ticket prices are $36 – $52 presale online and $60 day of event. Charge for “Trapped,” Knott’s first reservation-only, interactive maze is $60 per reservations with up to 6 guests per party and can be purchased online or onsite on the day of the event.  Reservations are limited.

Haunt tickets are available at Knott’s Guest Relations, can be purchased by phone at Knott’s Haunt Line (714) 220-5000 or online at www.knotts.com (service charges apply).

Halloween Haunt is a scary event and definitely not recommended for children under 13.  There are no guest costumes or re-entry privileges allowed for this event.

For the younger set, Snoopy’s Costume Party in Camp Snoopy is an alternative daytime non-scare celebration of Halloween cheer rather than fear offered weekends October 6-28, 10 am to 5 pm and is included with regular park admission.  This special, family event includes a costume contest, a live show, kid-friendly mazes, storytelling, and of course, trick-or-treat stations.  For more general event information on Halloween Haunt, call the Haunt Line at (714) 220-5200 or visit www.knotts.com.


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