STOCKHOLM — April 27th, 2012 —The lands of Ardania are divided, as humans, monsters and undead vie for control of the world’s cities. Amid the chaos, a common thread connects the cities and empires of the land: all are guided by magic. Great archmages of all the races research spells, settle new lands and raise mighty armies with a single purpose – to unite the world and its many planes of existence under the banner of a single warlock.

And now you can get an early taste of this battle for global supremacy in the demo of Warlock: Master of the Arcane.

Grab the demo here & learn the fine art of destruction:

The Warlock: Master of the Arcane demo contains:
– The game tutorial
– One world map to conquer
– The playable Great mage, Miralbus the Hat of Humans
– Two Great Mages to battle against
– The save/load function are disabled in the demo.

Warlock: Masters of the Arcane is the new turn-based empire-building game from Ino-Co, published by Paradox Interactive and set in the universe made popular in the “Majesty” series.
Now you can master the great spellbook, hire monsters to fight in your armies, summon great protections for your people, and build mighty cities to draw wealth and mana from the land around them.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is set to release on May 8th via retail and all major digital distribution platforms for a recommended retail price of $19.99.
The pre-order has gone live and all aspiring warlocks will recieve the pre-order bonus Powerful Lords DLC for Free!

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