OnLive has announced that they are hosting a huge multiplayer event on Friday, July 1, between 3pm and 5pm PDT. The event will take place in the realm of THQ’s shooter, Homefront, and will be available to subscribers of the service’s Homefront Large-Scale Warfare Multiplayer PlayPack or PlayPass services. The event will see the rewarding of a multitude of prizes to  participants. You can find out more about OnLive including how to join over at the service’s official website.

Instructions on Joining Event

1. Whether you have Homefront Large-Scale Warfare Multiplayer through the OnLive PlayPack Bundle or a PlayPass, just sign in and launch the game this Friday, July 1, between 3:00pm and 5:00 pm PDT (6:00pm and 8:00 pm EDT).

2. Make sure you set your permissions to allow spectators to chat with you. For instructions on how to set these permissions, read the”How do I control whether spectators can chat with me while I’m playing” section at . The THQ scouts will be contacting players by voice chat, so if you can’t hear, you can’t win.

3. Play either Battle Commander TDM or Ground Control multiplayer modes and bring on your best shots. Scouts going by the player Tags THQCraig and THQJeremy will be spectating and awarding prizes as outlined below, as well as randomly doling out Homefront swag to those bold enough to join the fight.

· Resistance Fighter of the Day – Astro A40 Headset & MIXAMP 5.8
· Best Killstreak – AR. Drone Parrot
· Best Vehicular Kill – OnLive Game Controller
· Best Sniper Kill – Free Full PlayPass
· Best Run-and-Gun Player – Free Full PlayPass
· Most Embarrassing Death – Free Full PlayPass
· Best Grenade Kill – Free Full PlayPass

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