World of Tanks Blitz was launched a decade ago as a mobile only game with 8 maps and 3 tank nations. Since then, it has evolved into a successful AAA title and expanded to macOS, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, creating a full cross-play and cross-progression eco-system for tank lovers.

Over the years, World of Tanks Blitz has seen consistent growth, as the MS-1 team continuously implemented player feedback, improved graphic fidelity and performance, while creating in-game events and forming major partnerships. Today, the project boasts over 500 historical and fictional tanks, 11 game modes, and 30+ maps enjoyed by 180 million players around the world.

“While working on World of Tanks Blitz, one of the key lessons that we learned was: set no limits. This allowed the team to transform a rather niche slow-paced tank gameplay into fun and engaging experience that appeals to a wider audience,” said Thaine Lyman, General Manager at MS-1 studio, Wargaming. “While our players are celebrating this big milestone, we have already started implementing all the ambitious plans we have for the upcoming decade.”

World of Tanks Blitz has an entire summer of in-game festivities planned to make the party hotter.

  • June has already started with a special birthday event where players can win a brand-new Tier VIII and favorite Tier X tanks. Tankers can also claim a special festive container filled with the Blasteroid tank, a themed avatar, and a profile background before June 30.
  • July rolls out a space-themed party and cosmic activities, bringing back the “Objective: Sheridan Missile” event featuring the Sheridan Missile tank. Players can also look forward to a special collaboration with a world-famous sci-fi movie franchise, taking the party even further into the cosmos.
  • August will bring in the beloved among players Mad Games event returning for 10 days along with the highly anticipated seniority awards. Tankers can also expect a totally epic (and secret) gift to conclude the festivities, celebrating a decade of virtual tank battles. Don’t miss out!

Join World of Tanks Blitz for celebration during the whole summer!

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