CRKD™, the premium collectible gaming brand behind the award-winning Nitro™ Deck and the recently launched NEO S™ collectible controllers, announced today that the highly anticipated NITRO™ DECK+, has begun shipping to gamers worldwide.

The award-winning Nitro Deck redefined gaming for Nintendo® Switch™ users playing their console in handheld mode, enhancing their experience via stick drift free control and a raft of useful features. Announced via the IGN™ FanFest event in February, the handheld deck proudly returns for an encore with the all-new NITRO DECK+.

Featuring the same comfortable footprint as the original Nitro Deck, the NITRO DECK+ introduces several new innovations based on community feedback and designed to make Switch gaming better than ever.

Gamers will immediately note the improved ergonomics, made possible by shifting the placement of the right thumbstick to allow for more intuitive play via the symmetrical design. Gamers can now play their Switch on the TV without the need of an external dock! Featuring an integrated USB-C HDMI™ compatible output, users can switch between handheld and TV play without ever needing to remove their Switch console from their NITRO DECK+.

Even greater options for precise control feature on the NITRO DECK+ thanks to the new ‘Sidekick’ buttons located to the side of each thumbstick. Designed to work in conjunction with the new symmetrical thumbstick configuration, the Sidekick buttons are pre-programmed to replicate the B and A action button commands, ideal for super-fast feedback when gamers need it most. By replicating the most commonly used action buttons, the Sidekicks provide speedier reaction times, and when used in conjunction with the re-mappable back buttons that are pre-programmed to the action buttons (X, Y, A, B), users have a variety of ways to interact with the action buttons while keeping both thumbs resting comfortably on the sticks, leveling up your game by putting more power and versatility in the palms of your hands.

The new easy eject system makes removing your console from the NITRO DECK+ even easier with no need to touch the screen or add additional stress while removing.

An upgraded rumble system delivers more intense vibration which can be adjusted to suit the gamers’ preference, and Bluetooth® has also been added, which can be used as an alternative connection, allowing for simple pairing to CRKD CTRL, a feature within the CRKD Companion App for iOS™ and Android® that allows users to control the adjustable features of the Deck which include re-mapping buttons, adjusting trigger sensitivity, changing thumbstick dead zones, fine tuning rumble settings, firmware updates & more!

The NITRO DECK+ is also compatible with the True Collection System, another feature within the app that allows users to tap their smart device to their hardware revealing their product number and rarity rank as well as the ability to add their Deck to their unique collection. The app also features the CRKD Shop & CRKD TV, a hub for all things CRKD related.

The NITRO DECK+ adds all these new features without removing the standout innovations featured on the original design. The full list of features present on NITRO DECK+ include:

  • Ergonomically designed – all-new thumbstick placement
  • No Stick Drift – made possible via Hall-Effect sensors
  • USB-C to HDMI Compatibility for TV play – (play while docked)
  • Programmable Sidekick buttons – faster, more responsive control
  • Low latency response – (direct connection via USB-C)
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity – tweak your triggers to suit your style
  • Swappable Stick Tops – better grip to suit your style
  • Re-mappable back buttons – keep your thumbs on the sticks
  • Gyro compatible – ideal for motion control games
  • Adjustable Vibration Feedback – to rumble or not rumble, the choice is yours
  • No Deadzone Mode – find the sweet spot in your chosen game
  • Pass-through charging feature – no need to stop play to charge
  • Use NITRO DECK+ as a wired controller on PC or Switch – perfect for TV play
  • Integrated Display Stand – stands AND delivers!
  • Turbo Function – (add turbo functionality to any action or trigger button)
  • Bluetooth connection – (to update firmware via app)
  • Easy Eject System – remove the Switch without touching the screen
  • Connects to the CRKD companion app – (True Collection System)

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