**Update: Enlisted Has Been Removed from Steam, here is the official message from Gaijen:

Dear Players,

We see that many of you are very dissatisfied with the Early Access version we made available on Steam. Some of you are not happy that the game is bundled with a paid DLC on Steam. Some of you couldn’t link your existing Gaijin.Net accounts to the Steam version due to technical issues. We’re deeply sorry for this.

We’ve removed the Early Access version of Enlisted: Reinforced from the Steam Store for now. All users who purchased a Steam access pack for Enlisted: Reinforced can continue playing via Steam. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to assess what we can do to address the issues you raised.

Unfortunately, there is a significant technical obstacle preventing us from making the linking process smooth enough. It occurs if a player has already linked their Steam account to another Gaijin.Net game, but the email used there and the one used for Enlisted do not match. This completely breaks our linking procedure.

The existing Steam version was never intended to be available to a massive number of players, hence the “Early Access” status, so making it available to existing huge audience of Enlisted fans could probably lead to even more dissatisfaction, as more people would face these technical issues, or new ones.

We’d like to apologise once again for letting down both our existing players and those who wishlisted the game on Steam. Please follow the news on our website while we continue exploring our Steam options, looking for a solution for a linking issue and polishing all aspects of the game.

Original News Release

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce that the WW2 online shooter Enlisted: Reinforced is now available on Steam. Early Access to the game is granted to those who purchase one of the access packs with unique game content. Enlisted: Reinforced also runs on Steam Deck and supports full cross-play with all platforms where Enlisted is available.

Early Access phase will give developers time to improve support for the unique features of Steam and Steam Deck (a Linux version of the game was created for this device from scratch).

Early Access packs include premium soldier squads and vehicles, that will allow commanders who are new to Enlisted to fight any opponents on equal terms even in their first battles. Players who continue to support the developers using the Gaijin.Net client can purchase similar packs in the Gaijin.Net store to receive the same gaming experience as users of the Steam version.

Enlisted: Reinforced boasts all the content created for Enlisted in recent years – hundreds of weapons, vehicles and equipment that actually existed during WW2. Some of the latest additions to Enlisted include Type Hei automatic rifles, M26 Pershing heavy tanks, Ki-84 ko fighters & more. After the recent update, the game allows you to control the tail gunners of the aircraft. Major updates for Enlisted are usually released several times a year, bringing even more content.

The visuals are also constantly being improved: i.e. in March, Enlisted added support for the DirectX 12 API (currently being tested) and FSR 2.0 scaling technology. On previous generation consoles, a “high performance mode” preset was added, which can increase FPS up to 60 frames per second. The version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 runs in 1080p resolution, and on PlayStation 4 Pro – 1800p.

More information about these and other changes in the game can be found on the official website of the game.

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