Lead a nation of your design through a history shaped by your choices in Millennia, a new 4x historical strategy game from C Prompt Games and Paradox Interactive. Guide your people from the stone to a near future, maybe taking detours through historical ages of plague or steampunk technology in Millennia, available now.

Define history; turn by turn and age by age. In Millennia, you start with a blank slate on which to write a new society and culture. Choose traits and government forms as you accumulate power through a variety of domains (government, war, art, etc.), using these powers to expand and exploit the world around you. Develop a production chain to transform common resources into valuable goods, and then trade the surplus to a distant settlement, boosting its population and production. Define your nation as a land of warriors, explorers or learners as you adopt new traits over time.

Features of Millennia include:

  • History and Alternate History: Lead your people through ten dynamic ages, steer your timeline into the uncharted alternate history of a Variant Age or the danger and opportunity of a Crisis Age.  Each Age involves unique rules, units, buildings, goods, and challenges, determining the course of the world for all players, not just your corner of it, potentially altering the path of history.
  • National Spirits: Decide what your Nation is famous for by selecting National Spirits and using the bonuses they provide to customize your nation to better achieve your goals. Combine multiple National Spirits as you progress through history to craft a unique civilization in every game.
  • Develop a Strong Society: Invest in six different Domains that influence the focus of your Nation – Exploration, Government, Warfare, Diplomacy, Engineering, and Arts.  The better you provide for each, the more your Nation can make use of unique Domain Powers. Everything from claiming territory, to adopting new governments, to spreading religion, to reinforcing Armies flows from mastery of the Domains.
  • Deep Economy: Design an economic supply chain to support your strategy.  Gather raw materials, then build Improvements to refine basic Goods like logs or iron into lumber, paper, books, ingots, tools, or weapons – specialized products that allow you to improve and adjust your economic engine to suit whatever history sends your way.
  • Combined Arms Warfare: Customize your approach to war by combining individual Units into powerful Armies.  Each Unit influences the capabilities of its Army, allowing you to employ a vast number of varied strategies.  Once in conflict, watch the action unfold through the Combat Viewer, where battles play out and provide details on how different Armies perform.
  • And more: discover natural landmarks, build the Pyramids, compete in the space race, finance expeditions, survive plagues, use diplomacy to your advantage, deal with chaos events, unleash innovations, deal with alien visitors, govern underwater cities, manage air combat, and master a host of other historical-themed content.

Millennia is available now for the suggested retail price of $39.99/£34.99/€39.99.

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