The Eye of Odin shines upon you this day! The next Closed Beta for ASKA, a third-person Viking sandbox survival builder from Romanian indie developer Sand Sailor Studio, kicks off April 15 and will run until April 21. Players ready to embark on an exciting Viking expedition can sign up for a chance to join the closed beta by wishlisting ASKA on Steam, and heading over to the ASKA Discord for more information (closed beta sign-up closes on April 5).

In ASKA, players find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious island where they must tame an uncharted land and build a Viking empire worthy of Odin’s praise. Solo or together with up to three friends, players must survive, summon intelligent NPC villagers, collect resources and build a thriving settlement. Players will need to automate, manage and defend their expanding tribe and prepare to survive the bitter winters.

“ASKA stands as a testament to what a dream-team of just 10 people can achieve over the course of 4 years: an ambitious co-op survival tribe builder where you’re never alone, where you work alongside lively AI villagers that are almost indistinguishable from players, all woven into a deep city builder-like economy system,” said Cristian Diaconescu, Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio. “We’re entering the final phase of our beta testing period and we can’t wait to give players the power to build their very own truly functional Viking village, who knows what they’ll build.”

Developed as the third game installment by Sand Sailor Studios and published by Thunderful, ASKA’s unique gameplay lies in its AI systems. ASKA provides a unique flavor vs other survival games on the market, by giving players the opportunity to release themselves from the shackles of repetitive resource collection and management. The player is the master constructor, focusing on leading the tribe and designating the location of buildings. The intelligent AI NPCs are then assigned to work around the town, providing camaraderie and establishing a thriving village.

Budding Vikings ready to start their adventure are encouraged to wishlist the game today and visit Follow the latest ASKA news by joining Discord and becoming a follower on YouTubeTikTokInstagramTwitter/X and Facebook

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