This week, Steam Next Fest highlights some of the most exciting upcoming computer games, and that includes Millennia, a new 4X empire-building game announced by C Prompt Studios and Paradox Interactive last summer.

Developed by veteran designers with long histories in the strategy genre, Millennia challenges players to develop and expand an empire through 10,000 years of human history, defined by 10 distinct and dynamic Ages, starting with the Age of Stone, Age of Bronze and continuing with the Age of Iron – or maybe the Age of Blood or the Age of Kings. Millennia emphasizes dynamic historical progression – your actions and choices will impact how the next historical age unfolds, with each Age bringing its own distinct gameplay challenges and opportunities. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of strategy gaming, Millennia sets a new standard for immersive and intellectually engaging gameplay.

Adapt to the changing course of history as the unique Ages can take the world we know off the well-trod path. Choose the traits and characteristics of your society through National Spirits, and bolster the productivity and growth of your cities through an internal trade system that will be the lifeblood of your empire.

The Steam Next Fest demo for Millennia lets you play the game through Age III of the game, and choosing your first traits. Explore the world with scouts, and build armies of archers and spears to eliminate barbarian threats, as you build modest cities dotted with on-map work sites to generate food, production and wealth. Millennia puts a new spin on a proven formula, rich with colour and personal customization for your empire.

Millennia is scheduled for a 2024 release.

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