Developed by Garage 5, Sunrise GP had its Nintendo Switch release earlier this year, and now the publisher Gamedust is pleased to announce that the game will race onto the Steam platform in 2024.

This action racer game, combined with road trip vibes, will take its players on an exhilarating ride around beautiful scenery. The game blends high-speed racing tempo with laid-back road trip vibes while players scout the stylized scenery dressed in soft and soothing lighting. Additionally, to the above, synth wave music complements the game style, and racing accelerates each race, creating a more memorable player experience.

Let’s not forget that the game is inspired by European classic cars, and with additional customization features, players will have the opportunity to joyride across retro-inspired, vibrant locations and capture the moment with the help of Photo Mode. The multiplayer mode with split-screen capability will invite up to four players to the rip-roaring gaming session. Challenge Mode, in a series of single-player modes, will be available and make up the titular Grand Prix. On the PC platform, players will be able to enjoy the sunny, breathtaking locale, lively atmosphere and Grand Prix races solo or with friends. So buckle up, grab some snacks and enjoy the ride!

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