Rebellion, one of the world’s most successful independent video game developers and publishers, has today announced Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior, a new game for Oculus Quest 2, 3 and Pro which takes you behind enemy lines for the ultimate immersive World War II sniping experience. Releasing on Nov. 30, Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior will be available on the Meta Quest Store for $14.99.

Developed in partnership with Just Add Water, in Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior you play as “the Partisan,” a former Italian resistance soldier reliving his memories of banishing the Nazi forces from his homeland. The game features a full story-driven campaign in which you uncover Nazi “wonder-weapons” that must be destroyed along with those behind the plans.

In addition to the campaign, players can hop into two additional game modes: Sniper Hunt and Last Stand. Sniper Hunt is an intense game of cat and mouse that pits you against expert Nazi snipers. Take out a patrol of enemy soldiers to lure out the sniper before relocating, collecting ammo and getting ready to face the next opponent. Last Stand sees you digging in against waves of enemies. Think fast and act faster to gather weapons and ammunition and set traps before fighting to survive against the oncoming forces.

The immersion offered by virtual reality helps to greatly enhance the gunplay and handling in all game modes. Hold your sniper rifle with both hands, bring the scope to your eye and hold your breath as you prepare to take the perfect shot.

Game features:

  • Riveting Campaign
  • Hyper immersive gunplay
  • Sniper Hunt pits you against expert Nazi sharpshooters
  • Hold the line in Last Stand against ever increasing waves of enemies
  • Authentic World War II weaponry
  • Experience the brutality of X-Ray Kill Cam in VR
  • Wide range of difficulty, comfort and control options, including sitting/standing
  • Feel those bullets hit with ProTubeVR and bHaptics support

For the latest news and updates, please visit and be sure to follow Sniper Elite on our social channels: TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube. We are excited to continue delivering thrilling experiences to our dedicated community and look forward to your ongoing support.

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