Wargaming is bringing the epic battles of the Warhammer 40,000 universe to its World of Tanks and World of Warships franchises. Players can enjoy exclusive deals on Warhammer 40,000 inspired content and missions, free DLCs, great discounts, and much more.

World of Tanks PC [available till June 1st]

Steam players are offered a variety of special Warhammer 40,000 inspired content which includes: a free DLC with a brand new 2D style that can be received by completing a certain mission, a whopping 60% discount on a special bundle featuring tier VI Heavy premium tank KV-2 (R) with the “Rognarok” 3D style, “Mordian” tank style, and 7 days of WoT Premium Account.

Additionally, bundles with Warhammer 40,000 customization from last year’s Battle Pass are available for purchase in the World of Tanks Premium Shop and Steam.

In collaboration with Prime Gaming, World of Tanks brings the special Wings of Wrath package, featuring an exclusive Commander, Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron from the Blood Angels, distinct customization elements, 3 days of Premium Account, missions for ×5 XP and other content to boost Player’s account.

World of Tanks Modern Armor [available till June 6th]

Tankers can get five new Premium vehicles inspired by the Warhammer 40,000 universe, two new fully voiced 3D Hero Commanders (Ultramarines and Sisters of Battle factions), and six new 2D Standard Commanders. The core of this new content is the console-only Warhammer 40,000 Leman Russ tank, which makes its debut. To start the journey, players can grab a free Starter Pack on PlayStation and Xbox that includes Warhammer 40,000 Emblems and other boosters. If that wasn’t enough, an Xbox Game Pass perk with two of the new 2D Standard Commanders will hit the ground on May 31st, along with special sales bundles available on Xbox that offer discounts up to 20%.

World of Tanks Blitz [available till June 8th]

The game delivers up to 80% discounts on four bundles featuring Vindicator Ultramarines and Predator Ultramarines tanks, along with themed avatars including two new static ones and a DLC Pack with new profile background for Steam players.

World of Warships [available till June 1st]

On Steam, players can grab a free pack, which includes the seven-day rental of the Ignis Purgatio, premium Tier VIII battleship, and a set of camos. Two special bundles also offer a 25% discount and include two unique Warhammer 40,000 Commanders per bundle. Making their big return, is some valued content with Grotmaz Smart, Ship Smasha, Ragnarok and his commander Arthas Roqthar the Cold will be featured in the armory along all the content created in different bundles with premium containers, commanders and ships, either together or separately.

World of Warships Legends [available till June 2nd]

Coming exclusively to Xbox playerstwo Warhammer 40,000 DLC bundles that each include two unique Commanders and a selection of camos are available with a 50% discount.

Don’t miss the chance to get major content from the Warhammer 40,000 universe across World of Tanks and World of Warships franchises.

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