Recently, we were able to attend a special preview event for the upcoming Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. It was a cold, cloudy evening just a day after the recent Winter storm which saw snow fall upon the park. While the snow had quickly melted, there were plenty of special treats remaining to try out at the event. Our walk through Ghost Town was eerie without any guests in the area, and the light all dim it whispered echoes of Scary Farm’s past. We found the check-in table inside the Town Hall building and got our event lanyards.

Upon walking into the Wilderness Dance Hall, a venue that has been home to countless Knott’s Scary Farm mazes, special events, and more we were treated to a grand table filled with examples of the delectable treats to be found at the Boysenberry Festival. Unfortunately, we couldn’t eat all of it, but that will come soon enough when the event starts on March 10th. We did get a sampling of various food and drink options, which we definitely enjoyed! Our standout favorites were the Boysenberry Margarita and the Sausage with Boysenberry Mustard. These were delightful snacks that I would definitely purchase again when visiting the park. The beef tips with boysenberry BBQ sauce and parmesan grits were outstanding as well, and I could have eaten three more plates of them and still craved more. The only item we didn’t really enjoy was the fried corn nuggets – they just didn’t land for us due in part to the texture of the fried batter and the still-firm corn kernels within. The food table was brimming with treats and there were so many that we didn’t get to sample but can’t wait to do so once the event starts. For me, it’s definitely the Boysenberry Float and the Pancake Burger. They look amazing, I just hope the lines won’t be too backed up waiting for them.

We also got a chance to look at the various merchandise products that are being released for the Boysenberry Festival. The big showpiece of the merchandise table is the new bubble wand that the park is releasing. Adorned with a light-up boysenberry, the wand throws out bubbles at an alarming rate. These are sure to be the joy of the young kids in your party during your visit. As for the adults in the park, prepare yourself for bubblegeddon! Also of interest were the Boysenberry Festival umbrella as well as light-up boysenberry necklace. We have a large collection of light-up Halloween and Christmas necklaces and we can’t wait to add a set of these to the mix. The boysenberry lights were vibrant even in the lit Wilderness Dance Hall, and think they will be almost as popular as the bubble wand will be.

Overall, the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival Preview Event was a fun time filled with delightful treats and sneak peeks. The full Boysenberry Festival event begins on March 10th, 2023 and runs until April 16th, 2023. Expect a full report from the opening day of the event soon enough! In the meantime, be sure to check out our photo gallery below!

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