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Jedi Sect Established in Lower Manhattan

Wired has posted a story on a group of folks who have founded a new sect of Jedi in Lower Manhattan. These folks get up, go to Starbucks every Tuesday morning, then proceed to a local dance studio to begin their lightsabre training…Yeah…

Sony PRS-505 eReader Ships This Month

Engadget is reporting that Sony is preparing to ship it’s next eReader later this month sporting an all-new look, higher-speed USB interface, and a higher contrast-level/response-time display. The unit will retail for $300 dollars.

IronKey 1GB USB Flash Drive Review

A dignified black box with a very stable foam core keeps the IronKey from jostling about during shipping. The instructional booklet summarizes important information such as the self-destruct feature…yup, you heard me right but more on that later.

The IronKey features a tamperproof and waterproof metal case. Besides exuding security in it’s Spartan design, it is also the sexiest USB drive we have ever seen.

Upon inserting the IronKey the first time, it asks you to initialize it by entering its name and the password that will be used to access the key. It offers you to backup your password online just in case of emergencies and then begins creating the AES encryption keys and formatting the secure volume of the drive. Then it asks you to activate the key drive. The online activation process is, of course, done over a secure site and asks you the standard registration questions in addition to some very customizable and personal secret questions you can choose from. Also, you chose a secret phrase that will help protect you from ending up on a site pretending to be the IronKey website.

Usage is like any other key drive, with the exception of entering your IronKey’s password upon insertion to unlock it for use. The IronKey Control Panel is very user-friendly and easy to use.

One of the most interesting features of the IronKey is that upon entering an invalid password 10 times, the drive ‘self-destructs’, permanently erasing all data and rendering the drive useless. Literally useless, in that, it no longer works. If you backed your data up online you can restore the uploaded data to a new IronKey drive which is nice. There is also the ability to run mobile applications such as Firefox from the drive. In the case of Firefox, the drive uses ‘Secure Sessions’ to keep your internet traffic encrypted while browsing. IronKey’s ‘Secure Sessions Service’ sends your web traffic through multiple network routing servers before decrypting it on an IronKey server and sending it to the destination site. This makes it virtually impossible to track who is going where or correlate your surfing to your computer. The IronKey will also store usernames and passwords for frequently visited websites using its very strong AES encryption algorithms. According to the manufacturer’s site, the IronKey can detect being scanned by an electron microscope and will subsequently self-destruct. The IronKey will also self-destruct if it detects physical attacks as all chips are protected with a thin metal shield.

We benchmarked the drive on our AMD X2 6000+ machine with 2GB of RAM in a Windows XP Pro environment using HD Tach Ver and received a steady read speed of 25Mb/sec in a ‘real-world test’ with multiple programs running in the background – very impressive! We began copying a large, 600Mb file over to the drive and recorded speeds of roughly 14Mb/sec (again in our real-world test environment). While copying a number of smaller files, the write speed fluctuated slightly (as expected with multiple start-stops).

You can get an IronKey here.

Cooking Mama 2 Hands-On

Joystiq has posted a ‘hands-on’ report of Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS. This time around you can look forward to more recipes, more ingredients, as well as a multiplayer mode.

Rock Band Create A Character Video

GameVideos has posted a video of the character creation system of Rock Band, the undisputed wannabe-rocker game coming to retail shelves November 20th.

It looks pretty interesting, at least more involved that the Guitar Hero system.

Elmo-Sapien…Just Creepy Looking

Engadget has a post up about a custom version of the RoboSapien called…ElmoSapien. Personally, it looks like something out of the amazing movie, The Thing. Like the RoboSapien was on a mission to infiltrate an Elmo camp, found a sentry and proceeded to skin him….and wear it as a suit…

Natalie Portman Has Her Moment of Nakidity

LAIst has posted the short film entitled ‘The Hotel Chevalier’ in which Natalie Portman gets naked. Now I have never been a huge fan of her body, sure she is a cute girl but way too mousy for my tastes. I am sure this will satisfy many though.

Kirk Found? Rumors Escalate!

AICN is reporting that an actor to play James T. Kirk in the next Star Trek film might have been found. According to their sources, the next Kirk will be actor Mike Vogel, who is also starring in the same Producer’s latest film, secretly titled ‘Cloverfield’.