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Turok Goes Hollywood

Joystiq is reporting that Turok is in the process of becoming an animated feature. Thats right, everyone’s favorite Native American dinosaur killer will star in the straight to DVD release in early 2008. Turok, Son of Stone is being produced as a 70-minute animated DVD for Classic Media by ex-Disney (Aladdin & Hercules) producer Tad Stones.


Bioware MMO Going to be KOTOR 3?

Gamespot is reporting that the rumor mill is a blaze with talk of Bioware’s next project being an MMO based in Knights of the Old Republic universe.

From the GameSpot article:
However, rumors of a KOTOR MMORPG petered out, thanks to BioWare’s successful attempts to keep virtually every detail about the game under wraps. Now though, they are back, thanks to Primotechnology’s claims–which are the first to directly cite a source with knowledge of BioWare Austin’s inner workings.

‘A source close to BioWare confirmed to us today that the studio’s upcoming untitled massively-multiplayer online RPG will be centered around the Star Wars universe, specifically that of Knights of the Old Republic, which the developer released in 2003,’ read the report. Primotechnology went on to point out the popularity of Star Wars: Galaxies–which was released in 2003 and drastically revised in 2005–is waning. ‘It’s estimated that the game now has fewer than 100,000 subscribers and less than 20,000 active players,’ said the site without sourcing the numbers.’

And now the best from HK-47:

Perpetual Dissolved, Star Trek Online Affected

The Escapist is reporting that Perpetual Entertainment is being dissolved after being acquired by a ‘major game company’ which is currently unnamed. Perpetual, who’s latest game Gods and Heroes was recently cancelled was also tasked with creating the far-off Star Trek MMO. It seems that the Star Trek MMO as well as at least ‘some’ of that team have been bought up by this new company as well. So it would seem the Star Trek MMO has been shook up but still in development.

Army of Two Delayed

1up is reporting that EA’s Army of Two has been delayed to sometime in early ’08. ‘Game quality is our top priority. Army of Two has potential to become a lasting EA franchise, so getting the first title right is essential,’ said President of the EA Games Label.

From Wikipedia:
Army of Two (AO2) is a co-op third-person shooter with a focus on cooperative and coordinated strategies. Players will join up with either the game’s built-in ‘Partner Artificial Intelligence’ (PAI) or other players ‘to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world.’ Story details are vague at the moment, but the game has been designed to necessitate teamwork; some missions may be close to impossible to complete without another player or cooperation with the PAI.

AICN E For All Day 2 Coverage

AICN has posted their coverage of day two at the E For All gaming expo in Los Angeles, CA. It seems fairly apparent to most attendees that the crowds were not anything like those of E3, but that is okay. Hopefully next year the expo will have garnered enough media coverage to increase it’s numbers.

If all goes as planned we should have a couple folks there next year to bring the best of the expo to you as it happens.

From the expo:

Gears of War for Windows GOLD! is reporting on a Microsoft announcement today that Gears of War for the PC has gone gold.

From the Article:
‘Microsoft Game Studios announced today the game has gone gold for its November 6 release. Though PC enthusiasts may feel more at home with mouse and keyboard controls, the Xbox 360 controller can be used for a more familiar interface. Added content for the PC includes new achievements and chapters, three new multiplayer maps, and a game editor for map creation.

As usual, the PC version will launch at $10 less than the Xbox 360 version by retailing for $49.99. ‘

Microsoft Announces HD-DVD Deal

GamesIndustry is reporting that Microsoft has announced a special HD-DVD deal for the holiday season.

From the article:
‘The company has announced that it will hand out five free HD-DVD titles from a selection of 13 films to customers buying an HD-DVD drive for their Xbox 360 between now and the end of January next year.

The titles available are: Serenity, The Chronicles of Riddick, Hulk, Children of Men, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Troy, Full Metal Jacket, Corpse Bride, The Prestige, Swordfish, Black Rain, Dreamgirls and Word Trade Centre’

Bionic Commando Returns!

GameSpot has the premier announcement that Capcom is creating a new Bionic Commando game for next-gen systems.

From the premier:
‘Where the original Bionic Commando followed players on a mission to rescue a fellow agent named Super Joe, the new game’s storyline appears to carry a more cynical edge. After serving his country honorably in conflict with the Imperials, technologically enhanced agent Nathan Spencer is framed for a number of crimes by his superiors and sentenced for execution. Fate intervenes, as an experimental terrorist weapon is detonated in Ascension City on the day Spencer is to be executed. With the city in ruins and Spencer uniquely equipped to handle the many skyscrapers, monorails, and suspended roadways, the government reluctantly turns to its imprisoned bionic commando for help.’

For those of you that don’t remember:

James Kirk Cast!

AICN is reporting that Chris Pine has been cast in the role of James T. Kirk. Personally I think he makes a better Christopher Pike based on looks alone, but whatever.