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Nvidia to Launch GeForce 9 Series in February?

Digitimes is reporting that sources close to the graphics card manufacturer say the company will be releasing the first DirectX 10.1 GeForce 9 video card in February, 2008. The card is codenamed D9E and will use a 65nm processor and, like the 8800gtx was, be the high-end model of the series. In June, the source says Nvidia will roll out the mid-range cards in the GeForce 9 family and sport 55nm processors.

Gamespot Editor Fired Over Negative Review!

Kotaku has broken a pretty big story in the gaming world. Apparently, according to their ‘trusted source’, Jeff Gerstmann (a long time writer for the site) was fired for giving a negative review of the game Kane & Lynch. Gamespot has often been the target of accusations that they pump up reviews based on advertising revenue from the game companies, but this is the first time something concrete has come up.

From the article:
As our tipster points out, if the rumor is true, it could point to a distressing precedent at Gamespot and parent company CNet. ‘As writers of what is supposed to be objective content, this is our worst nightmare coming to life,’ wrote the tipster. Our efforts to confirm the story with Gamespot hasn’t proved successful. Our current requests with PR, Gerstmann and other CNet contacts have either gone unanswered or yielded a ‘no comment.’

Nyko Releases Perfect Shot for Wii

FileFront is reporting that Nyko has released it’s entry into the Nintendo Wii lightfun area: The Perfect Shot. It is the most realistic of all Wii zappers out there. It is probably going to garner alot of ‘boo-hiss’ reactions from anti-gun groups though, so you may want to pick one up ASAP.

Gamespot Reviews Blacksite: Area 51 (PC)

Gamespot has posted its review of Blacksite: Area 51, for the PC, giving it a 6.5 out of 10 rating. I have to say, this is disappointing to me as the game had a lot of promise. Looks like the biggest problem comes from the game’s generic gameplay/design.

From the article:
For the most part, BlackSite is a boilerplate first-person shooter that has a handful of good moments. As it stands, the game suffers from some annoying issues that make it difficult to recommend. If you’re a huge fan of first-person shooting, you’re probably better of with a rental because the lack of multiplayer competition means that the whole experience doesn’t last especially long.

Gamespot Reviews Ghost Squad (Wii)

Gamespot has posted a review of FPS Ghost Squad, for the Nintendo Wii, giving it a less-than-great 6.5 out of 10. Apparently I missed this light gun game as I only saw it in arcades within the last few years. It’s unique controller drawing me to it. Actually, it seems it came out a long time ago back in the era we old-guys call, ‘The 90s’.

From the article:
‘As a tongue-in-cheek homage to mid-’90s arcade light gun games, Ghost Squad is pretty successful, and players with some fondness for the source material, as well as those who appreciate random weirdness, should find it at least briefly enjoyable. The whole so-bad-it’s-good thing only goes so far, though, and even with its promise of unlockables, Ghost Squad is ultimately too short for its own good.’

Gamespot Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Review

Gamespot has posted a review of the expansion for Flight Simulator X titled, ‘Acceleration’, giving it an 8.5 out of 10. The expansion features a number of new aircraft, including a F/A-18 Hornet, while also giving a plethora (and yes, I know what that word means) of new missions to undertake. Also touted is the game’s smoothing out of the DirectX 10 graphical features if you are using a Vista pc.

From the article:
‘…the added capabilities that Acceleration brings to the sim, such as the hoist and retrieval capability with the new helicopter, the carrier operations, and the new multiplayer racing missions, make this a very attractive and recommended expansion for any Flight Simulator X fan.’

New Indiana Jones Photos

AICN has posted some more photos from Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They feature a more ‘rugged’ looking Shia, a weathered Harrison, and a whip…Oh, also a leather jacket, prepare to be riveted towards the bottom of this page!

BNAT 9 Poster Sees Things No One Else Can See

AICN has posted its official poster for their annual film festival, Butt-Numb-A-Thon (in it’s ninth year). I highly recommend taking a look at it. As a huge Big Trouble in Little China fan, I just am eating it up like pumpkin cheesecake.

Have you tried pumpkin cheesecake? It is like they wrapped up all the joy in the world and put it into morsels of pumpkin-goodness. I have to say that Marie Calendars’ pumpkin cheesecake is good, but for my money it is all about homemade from scratch. Mmmmmmm….

Soldier of Fortune: Payback Un-Banned in Australia

Gamespot is reporting that Activision FPS, Soldier of Fortune: Payback has been ‘un-banned’ by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). In order to get it classified with a rating, Activision had to reduce violence all over the board: rag-doll physics, blood, dismemberment, etc.

From the article:
It seems Soldier of Fortune’s fortunes have been resurrected, however, with Activision Australia today releasing a statement saying a revised version of the game had been reclassified by the OFLC as MA15+ for strong violence, coarse language, and sexual references. MA15+ is the highest rating a game can be given in Australia.

Enjoy the gore: