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Orange Box Review

IGN has posted their review of Valve’s Orange Box, a collection of 5 titles including the Half-Life 2 add-ons, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. Overall their impressions are favorable but I highly recommend reading the full reviews even at their long length.

Bass Fishing For Nintendo Wii

Joystiq is reporting that Bass Fishing will return on the Nintendo Wii next Spring.

From the article:
‘Sega points out that this latest version will include ‘content developed exclusively for the Wii,’ though the company has not been forthcoming with what exactly has been added, only to note that Sega Bass Fishing will feature more than 20 different types of lures to entice the the game’s four different kinds of freshwater bass.’


Activision Announces Soldier of Fortune: Payback

GameDaily is reporting that Activision has announced a new Solider of Fortune game. If you don’t remember, the Soldier of Fortune FPS games were lambasted for their violent depiction of wounds and cheered by gamers for the same. Their hit location detection was excellently done and shooting a guy in the legs to see him crawl away for cover was never as satisfying again. The new game will be called Soldier of Fortune: Payback. According to the article, Soldier of Fortune Payback will release on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in November 2007. However, something about that release date sounds fishy given how close it is to this announcement.


This video from YouTube is a leaked trailer (watch it before it is pulled). If this is any indication the game has totally lost it’s gore and looks VERY generic. The poster also claims it is being made my Activision Value…which is NOT A GOOD THING.

Wired Interviews Bungie’s Frank O’Connor

Wired News has posted an interview with Bungie’s content manager and spokesperson Frank O’Connor. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

‘WN: What’s Bungie’s relationship with Halo going forward? Are you guys committed to making the next major first-person shooter entry in this series, or is that still up in the air?

FO: We are definitely working on two Halo projects right now: the downloadable content and the Peter Jackson project. I’ve seen rumors that were literally just speculation that we were sick of working on Halo. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We always had and continue to have very tight almost control-freakish relationship with that IP, which of course belongs to Microsoft, but we’re still creatively associated with it and Microsoft trusts us to make cool Halo stuff in the short term. In the long term, who knows, if we have a cool story to tell in the Halo universe it’s certainly something we’d consider.’

‘WN: What’s Bungie’s relationship with Halo Wars?

FO: We consulted with them in the initial setup — Ensemble knows how to make RTS games, we just helped them with canon, and vehicles, and fiction, and that sort of stuff. And we continue to keep a close eye on it. But at this point we’re an interested observer. They’re making a fantastic product. And obviously we’re looking forward to playing it.’

Star Trek Online Images

Gamespot has posted the latest images from Star Trek Online, the trek-based MMO tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2008 (personally I think Dec ’08 or Mid ’09). Not bad looking images at all!

Everquest Movie in the Works

Variety is reporting that Sony is proceeding with plans to turn the ancient old MMO Everquest into a movie. They have tasked ‘300’ writer Michael Gordon to write it. As a friend so observantly put it, ‘Shouldn’t they have made this like 10 years ago?’