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Videophiles Beware! Sony Unveils 2 New Pro HD Camcorders

Engadget is reporting on the announcement by Sony of two new high-end pro HD cameras.

From the article:
…the company is back for more with two new high-end 1080p HDV cameras, the $10,500 HVR-S270U (pictured) and the $6,850 HVR-Z7U. Both models feature interchangeable Carl Zeiss lenses, Sony’s 1/3-inch ClearVid CMOS sensor that offers 1.5 lux sensitivity, 24p and 30p modes, and support for recording directly to CompactFlash or an optional hard-disk recording attachment. The miniDV-only HVR-Z7U features HDMI output, while the HVR-270U bumps up to HD- or SD-SDI output and can also take full-size DVCAM tapes. Sony also released $5,540 HVR-M35U HDV deck that accepts both miniDV and full-size tapes, and features a 2.7-inch preview LCD. All this gear is expected to hit in February

Atari Exits Game Development

Wired Blog is reporting that Atari, in the wake of horrid earnings reports and corporate shake-ups, will be leaving game development and intead will focus on distribution and publishing. Atari is planning to license out the Test Drive franchise to its parent company, Infogrames, and previously sold its Driver and Stuntman game franchises to Ubisoft and THQ, respectively.

Interplay Re-Starting Development Studio!

Gamespot is reporting that Interplay, former game developer extraordinaire, is planning to re-start it’s in-house development studio after many years of defunctness.

Interplay was the developer of many great games of the past including the Fallout series, Baldur’s Gate series, and the Freespace games. They were planning to build an MMO out of the Fallout universe, but at this time the funding they required to do so has yet to materialize. The sale of Fallout 3, being developed out-of-house by Bethesda will hopefully spur future Interplay offerings as well.

From the article:

Saying it is looking at ways of leveraging its stable of franchises ‘through sequels and various development and publishing arrangements,’ Interplay announced it is restarting its in-house development studio. The money to establish that studio will come from the recent sale of the Fallout franchise to Bethesda Softworks. (Interplay is now licensing the Fallout IP for its upcoming MMOG from Bethesda.) The publisher also said it has brought back Jason Anderson, a lead artist on the original Fallout game and cofounder of the defunct Troika Games, to serve as creative director for an unannounced MMOG.

See Spock in Full Makeup!

AICN has posted the latest leaked images of the actor Zachary Quinto in full Spock makeup on the set of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek flick. The makeup looks great and he really embodies Spock visually. I just hope his performance matches up to his look. Pictures down below along with an image of the retro-style teaser poster. Enjoy!

1up Battalion Wars 2 Review

1up has posted its review of Battalion Wars 2 for the Nintendo Wii, giving it a surprising 6.5 out of 10 rating. The generally anticipated game is a more action-oriented game (as opposed to Advance Wars) and, according to 1up, lacks the charm of its console predecessor and handheld cousins.

From the article:
The root of the problem stems from its simply failing to work the various personalities into the game well — this begins with the flat, cartoonish cut-scenes used to introduce each mission. The few attempts at humor come off as forced, but worse yet, much of the time they become little more than matter-of-fact presentations. You won’t be able to ignore them, though: On the dividing line between funny and disastrous, most of the exaggerated voice work falls on the painfully bad side.

Gamespot Super Mario Galaxy Review

Gamespot has posted its review of Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. It ranked the highly-anticipated title with a 9.5 out of 10 Editors Choice and tout SMG as ‘the Wii’s game to beat and one of Mario’s greatest adventures yet’.

From the article:
Here is the game that Wii owners have been pining for, a game that has tons of appeal for both the less experienced player and the longtime gamer. A game that deftly combines accessibility and challenge, all wrapped up in a package that’s both deep and addictive. Super Mario Galaxy is all of this and more. It is simultaneously one of Mario’s best adventures and a game that doesn’t require fandom of the portly plumber’s previous engagements to appreciate. The sheer quality of Mario Galaxy’s wonderful level designs, tight controls, and brilliant presentation is the sort of thing that just about anyone who loves gaming should be able to appreciate, and that many will fall head-over-heels for.

Gamespot Dementium: The Ward Review

Gamespot has posted their review on Dementium: The Ward for the Nintendo DS giving it a 7.5 out of 10.

From the article:
Is it possible to be legitimately spooked by a handheld game? Console games have been designed to make use of the home field advantages of having a large screen and complete control over lighting to enhance the experience for years, but when you’re playing on a tiny screen on the bus, can the experience compare? The answer, as proven by FPS-with-a-dash-of-survival horror Dementium: The Ward, is a resounding yes, though its inherent flaws prevent it from truly becoming that which it aspires to be.

Personally, I am looking forward to picking up a copy of this soon.

Gamespot Call of Duty 4 Review

Gamespot has posted their review on Call of Duty 4 for the PC, giving it a solid 9.0 out of 10 with Editor’s Choice rating.

From the article:
The single-player campaign is over in a flash, but the high quality of that campaign and its terrific multiplayer options make Call of Duty 4 a fantastic package.

From Wikipedia:
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision for Windows, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360. It will be the eighth installment in the Call of Duty video game series (including expansions), the first not to be set during World War II, and the first to be rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB. It was announced on April 25, 2007. It was released on November 6, 2007 in North America, and in Australia on November 7, 2007. It will be released on November 9, 2007 in Europe. The game will also be available on Steam on November 12, 2007.

Gamespot Gears of War PC Review

Gamespot has posted its review of Gears of War for the PC. They give it a hearty 9 out of 10 ‘Editors Choice’ and, well, basically praise it up a whole lot. Despite all the praise, they do expound on some negatives, such as the new chapters having a different feel than the original ones, the system requirements are immense to run it the way it was meant to be run, and difficulty is not exactly balanced yet in some areas.