On May 17th, 2018 the journey of renovating houses began, which means that soon House Flipper will mark its 4th anniversary. To celebrate such an occasion, Frozen District together with Frozen Way are pleased to announce that House Flipper – Pets DLC will launch on May 12th, 2022!

In May, House Flipper players will have the unique opportunity of adopting their favorite pet and take on new, challenging house-flipping tasks that await in the Pets DLC. Apart from renovating houses, players will also need to take care of their companions, which might be a twist lots of pet lovers were looking for. There are certain characteristics that describe your furry friends, as well as needs that are essential for their satisfaction – hunger, thirst, and many, many more!

House Flipper – Pets DLC comes out on May 12th, 2022, priced at 14.99$, but keep in mind that the developers prepared a 10% launch discount!

The DLC will be available on PC, but later on, the devs are also planning to release it on console platforms. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to follow their Facebook page and Youtube channel, to stay tuned for future updates.

To celebrate the date reveal, the developers also launched a giveaway that everyone can take part in!


House Flipper – Pets DLC comes with:

  • 10 of the most popular breeds of cats and dogs,
  • Brand new house flipping mechanics, like ceiling modifications, bulb chains, stairs, and more!
  • Cute companions such as turtles, parrots, bunnies or guinea pigs,
  • Exotic companions such as iguanas, spiders, and snakes (also cute!),
  • Over 700 new, unique cozy-stylized items,
  • 11 new jobs,
  • 11 ranch houses available for purchase and renovation!

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