Six Flags Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure, one of the largest drive-through safaris outside of Africa, will open for the 2022 season March 19. The 350-acre wildlife preserve will debut new animals, memorable guest enhancements, increased capacity and streamlined park operations.

Spring animal additions include:

  • Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros – Six-year-old Sawyer joins three adult female rhinos in the Afrikka section of the safari. Although grey in color, the southern white rhinoceros is the largest living species of the five species of rhino, averaging 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. At 3,800 pounds and growing, Sawyer has a youthful bounce in his step and enjoys human touch like scratches from a bristle brush. With a diet of hay and grain, Sawyer and his fellow rhinos are one the world’s last remaining “mega-herbivores” – a large animal that eats mainly plants. He lives side-by-side with other animals native to Africa such as elephants, ostriches and zebras;
  • Three Reticulated Giraffe Calves – Three adorable and graceful calves were born in the safari this winter and join the safari’s “tower” (group) of 13 giraffes. Native to Africa, giraffes are the tallest land mammal on Earth. They can stand up to 17 feet tall and weigh from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. A giraffe’s long neck measures up to seven feet long, and despite its length, contains seven vertebrae just like humans. Due to habitat loss, poaching and other human-wildlife interferences, giraffes are considered “vulnerable to extinction;”
  • Two sable antelope calves – This striking, horse-like antelope from Africa boasts a tufted tail, mane and impressive, ringed horns that curve like a scimitar. Typically settling near water, the sable is an herbivore. In the wild, their beautiful horns are a highly prized trophy for hunters. Born in the safari, the pair of sable calves now reside in the Serengeti Grasslands section along with exotic hoof stock like addax, white-tailed gnu (black wildebeest) and aoudad;
  • Two red lechwe calves – Identifiable by their reddish fur, white-ringed eyes and tall horns reaching up to three feet long, this type of antelope is usually found near aquatic areas in Zambia and Botswana and are considered a “near threatened species” in the wild. The safari’s red lechwe calves, born onsite this winter, reside in the Wilde Plains section with vast array of African species such as giraffe, greater kudu, ankole cattle, dama gazelle, white bearded gnu (blue/brindled wildebeest), bongo and more; and
  • Two Asian water buffalo calves – Two adorable Asian water buffalo calves join the Afrikka section. While they bear some similarities to their African cousins, the Cape buffalo, these are domesticated animals. In the wild, they are commonly found on farms as beasts of burden. Their milk, which has more fat than that of domestic cattle, is used for making a liquid butter in India. In the safari, they are true to their name and are often found submerged in ponds with only their heads visible above water.

Throughout the spring, guests can expect to see additional babies including American bison, zebra, aoudad, kangaroo, dama gazelle, blackbuck and more.

Safari improvements include:

  • Roadway Enhancements – All guests will enjoy a smooth experience on an expanded, two-lane roadway with five newly paved miles of blacktop. The wider roadway will help better accommodate guests who wish to enjoy the tour at their own pace and accommodate school buses for educational programs;
  • Safari Education Programs – Six Flags Academic Adventures programs were developed by the park’s New Jersey state certified teacher and tailored to the appropriate age groups while following New Jersey state learning standards. Six Flags offers five programs that have been updated for 2022 including a new, off-road experience:

Ø  Safari Off Road Education – New in 2022, this fun and educational tour on a giant, off-road vehicle features a personal tour guide and driver, and an opportunity to feed giraffes and meet small exotic animals up close.

Ø  Science on Safari – This contactless safari experience features a special Academic Adventure audio tour, grade-specific guidebook and optional visit with an animal educator.

Ø  Wild Encounters – This outreach program brings exotic animals to schools for a 45-minute presentation.

Ø  Cyber Safari – The safari’s virtual education program offers an animal meet & greet session, and the option for a longer virtual outreach program.

Ø  Free Online Classroom – Six Flags Great Adventure’s YouTube channel offers free videos for kindergarten through 12th grade that cover conservation, adaptation, genetics and evolution.

Education information can be found online at and by emailing

  • New Audio Tour – Guest can immerse themselves in the animal world with a new audio tour. Energetic narrators will showcase 11 simulated natural habitats featuring more than 70 different species of animals. Guests will learn fun and educational facts about the animals, hear fascinating animal sounds and music from around the world. At the start of their adventure, guests will receive a handout with QR codes that take them to the audio tour and safari map. The audio tour is free and can be streamed from any mobile device;
  • Enhanced Safari Entrance – Six Flags’ expansive modernization and beautification efforts include a new roadway entrance and upgraded safari plaza to welcome guests;
  • Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Compatible with all electric vehicles, units will be available in safari parking lot later this season;
  • Save an Icon Pin – Each year, the park produces and sells collectible animal pins and donates 100% of the proceeds to the Wildlife Conservation Network, whose efforts directly benefit animals in the wild. The 2022 pin, available later this spring, will feature the bongo and cheetah. Since 2019, the park has raised more than $50,000; and
  • Enhanced Mobile App – A new mobile app feature that allows guests to add their safari pass to their Google Pay Wallet or Apple Wallet will expedite the admission experience and reduce wait time.

The Six Flags Great Adventure parks are currently hiring for the 2022 season. Applicants age 14 and older can text FUN to 732-307-6688 or complete an application at More than ten diverse departments offer exciting opportunities with flexible hours and great perks, and many jobs start at $15 to 18 per hour. The Wild Safari is currently hiring gate keepers, tour guides and CDL truck drivers, and applicants must be at least 18 years old.

New in 2022, Six Flags announces a three-tiered Pass Program focused on maximizing the value and experience for guests. The Thrill Seeker Pass is perfect for frequent home park visitation. The Extreme Pass is ideal for live-on-the-edge thrills all year, without blockout dates. The Ultimate Pass provides the best value for everything offered; it includes all of the advantages of an Extreme Pass, plus more. For additional benefits and savings, with the purchase of an Extreme or Ultimate Pass, two Junior Passes will be given for each one of the passes purchased. The Junior Pass is for guests under 42”. For more information on these best offers, visit

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