WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, also known as WRC 10, is the newest installment of the series’s off-road racing simulation video game. In this edition WRC celebrates its 50th anniversary and the game comes packed with four new 2021 rallies and additional stages, teams, and multiple cars to mix things up. This installment is available in two editions, standard and deluxe. On top of the standard game, the deluxe edition offers an additional Arena Panzerplatte Stage and historical content that celebrates the real world event’s anniversary.

WRC 10 was originally released on September 5th, 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One via the Epic Games Store. It has also since been released on the next generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It is likely to launch on the Nintendo Switch console six months later, which has become standard for most non-Nintendo branded games.

Compared to the previous edition, WRC 10 includes multiple updates such as a livery editor that allows you to create your own team and with custom colors and a revamped sound design which makes the game even more immersive. Adding to the competitive nature of the game, WRC 10 includes daily and weekly challenges along with specific clubs so that drivers can be matched against the community at their own level.

WRC 10, unlike it’s other rally game competitors, offers a very hands-on immersive game. While some rally games lend themself to a mario kart like playstyle with race after race, WRC’s career gameplay expands simply racing to that of controlling, maganging, and customizing your career path. The amount of effort the game puts into these choices is outstanding, even down to who you hire onto your team and how their personality either compliments or clashes with others on your team. WRC puts your rally career into your own hands and for serious fans of the sport, it is a refreshing way to immerse yourself further into the culture. For those looking for a simpler playstyle the game offers a quick play mode which allows you to quickly jump into the driver’s seat and take off. I enjoyed this mode over the career mode as the main objective is racing over managing and making career decisions.

WRC 10 keeps the game interesting by letting you customize your car specs and even how you play. The camera mode can be switched from first person in the driver’s seat, dash view perspective, car grill perspective, and the standard third person view. The stage design also adds to multiple hours of play by allowing you to customize weather, play on a variety of roads (dirt, asphalt, gravel) and even allow the stages to be played in reverse which mixes up the game even more.

The graphics of WRC 10 are clean and what you would expect from the newest installment, but I did notice that colors appear washed out at times with the default settings. The in-game weather conditions felt accurate, with the pouring rain effect being the most impressive. The cars looked realistic with detailing and the paint jobs were crisp as to be expected. The only thing that felt lacking was that the spectators/audience had a very low poly count which made them look 32-bit at times. While your eyes mainly stay on the road, it was a bit distracting seeing such poor audience graphics cheering me on.

One of the main issues I experienced in the game was an odd lag that occurred every so often mid turn. For a split second in turns, the game would lag and the graphics had to catch up. This issue was both distracting and frustrating as your position is crucial in the turns. This issue occurred while the game was run on a GTX 1080 Ti aio water-cooled graphics card, and hopefully this issue is something that is patched soon. I also noticed that at times the game’s physics also seemed very linear, and easy to predict – almost like the car was weightless while shifting, which also distracted from the overall immersion.

WRC 10 offers an immersive rally sport game, carrying with it the stamp of approval from some of the world’s top drivers. Compared to the previous edition (WRC 9), WRC 10 offers additional cars, new maps, and historic content (deluxe edition restricted) but if all you want to do is race – there might be a better game out there for you.

WRC 10











  • Immersive hands on gameplay
  • Even more car options to choose from
  • New race stages


  • Car customization can get daunting
  • No new noticeable graphics upgrade
  • Lag in turns is frustrating

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