The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo is the brand’s newest affordable over-the-ear headset marketed for gamers. The Elo X is the most affordable of the Elo line which includes the X, the Elo 7.1 USB, and finally the Elo 7.1 Air. Today we will be focusing on the X that weighs in at 314g, and has a cable length of 1.65m. The Elo X along with it’s more expensive siblings is marketed as being ultra-comfortable all purpose cross-platform stereo headsets.

The Elo X features a removable noise canceling mic if you would rather use the headset as a set of headphones for gaming or general music listening. In addition the headset comes wired with a 3.5mm jack and an additional PC splitter cable connection. This allows for cross-platform compatibility on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4™, PS5™, Nintendo Switch™, PC, Mac, and Mobile. Unlike other gaming headsets, this allows the user to enjoy the stereo sound on any device, anywhere, instead of having to have multiple headsets for gaming or leisure. An added bonus is that the splitter cable for PC allows for a quick transition from PC gaming to console and back, as you can leave the splitter cable connected to your PC separately.

The headset itself includes a mute button and volume control on the back of the left ear cup, and is not RGB enabled. The lack of buttons to adjust and play with comes as a relief as sometimes headsets can get too complicated to mess with in the middle of a game with all the additional features they add. For added comfort ROCCAT uses a self-adjusting metal headband and rotating earcup hinges for added flexibility that create a weightless fit that feels unique to each user. This made the headset feel secure but not too tight, it would be easy to wear the Elo X for multiple hours without any discomfort or worry of it sliding around.

Another of the Elo X features is that it is ‘glasses friendly’, which uses superior memory foam ear cushioning featuring Turtle Beach’s proprietary ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System. This system is made up of dual-foam ear cushions, with softer foam in the section that rests against your glasses to alleviate pressure. I was skeptical at first but I didn’t even notice any pressure when I put the headphones on for the first time while wearing my glasses. With the rise in blue light filtering glasses, more and more gamers are finding themselves with an added inconvenience of headphones not fitting correctly or pressing on their glasses frames, thankfully ROCCAT seems to have engineered a fix for this issue in a way that you happily won’t even notice.

In terms of performance the Elo X has precision-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers that offer crisp stereo sound. The low notes definitely made a rumble and higher audio came through cleanly and crisp as well. The rich bass sounds were impressive for such an affordable headset. The detachable noise canceling microphone includes TruSpeak™ technology to ensure that your voice sounds the same in the digital world as it does in the real world. After listening to my recorded voice, I was surprised to hear it was crackle and static free even when raising the volume of my tone and even lightly clapping my hand next to it. The microphone also is flexible which allows the user to bend and shape it so that it fits comfortably in front of your face.

Overall the Elo X is an affordable ($49.99) alternative to many higher end gaming headsets that are on the market. This headset offers high quality audio and comfort all while not breaking the bank. The materials it is made out of create a high end feel, all while staying lightweight and surprisingly comfortable. This sleek black headset is sure to look at home along your other gaming peripherals, both ROCCAT and other brands.

ROCCAT Elo X Stereo













  • Easily switch from PC to console gaming
  • Eyewear friendly
  • Lightweight


  • No RGB elements
  • Minimal controls

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