LOS ANGELES, CA – February 6, 2020 – My Arcade™, a leading manufacturer of retro gaming collectibles and accessories, announced today that its handheld Retro Champ™ game console is now available for purchase at MyArcadeGaming.com and Amazon.com for MSRP $79.99. The Retro Champ plays both NES™ and Famicom™ cartridges on a built-in 7” screen or can output to a modern TV using HDMI out.

With the Retro Champ, fans of the classics can easily enjoy games from their collection without the need for a legacy console. Enthusiasts can test out cartridges on-the-go or enjoy the classic couch-side experience by connecting it to an HDTV and pairing it with up to two Super GamePad™ wireless controllers. The handheld device also contains a built-in cleaning kit to keep old cartridges in top shape. Whether a retro gamer, casual player, or cartridge-hunter on the move, the Retro Champ adds a layer of mobility, convenience, and versatility to the devotee’s game collection.

My Arcade has two Retro Champ purchase options, the console by itself, and a bundle with accessories for significant savings. More details on each below:

  • Retro Champ Console [MSRP $79.99]: Contains the Retro Champ handheld console and power supply. Ideal for classic game enthusiasts interested in playing console in handheld mode and not concerned with playing multiplayer, or wish to purchase their Super GamePad Wireless controllers separately or at a later date.
  • Retro Champ Bundle [MSRP $110.00]: This bundle features the Retro Champ handheld console, power supply, plus two Super GamePad wireless controllers and a 12’ HDMI cable.

“From its inception, the Retro Champ was designed with retro game enthusiasts in mind,” says Amir Navid, SVP Product Development and Creative Director at My Arcade.

“We wanted to make a console that enabled collectors to quickly and conveniently test or play their classic games and import titles on-the-go. Furthermore, we wanted retro gamers to enjoy their vintage game titles with friends and allow them to easily connect the console to modern TV sets. To that end, we’ve made the Retro Champ compatible with our Super GamePad wireless controllers for multiplayer gameplay in TV or desktop mode. We feel strongly that this console will resonate with the community, whether you are an avid collector or simply want to play those old cartridges lying around your garage.”

Retro Champ Key Features

  • Built-in Screen and Rechargeable Batteries: The Retro Champ’s compact design is more portable than classic consoles, that when paired with its built-in rechargeable batteries and 7” screen, make it the perfect travel companion for retro enthusiasts. One battery charge lasts for about 3-5 hours of gametime.
  • Cartridge Cleaning Kit: Blowing on cartridges never worked! The Retro Champ includes a retractable game cartridge cleaning kit that includes cotton swabs and a vial that users can fill with their cleaning solution of choice (solution not included).
  • Aspect Ratio Switch: Toggle between two aspect ratios, classic 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen, with the flick of a switch. Users have the option to experience their collection at their original aspect ratio or take advantage of their screen’s full size.
  • HD TV Compatibility: Turn the Retro Champ into a home console using HDMI output to connect to an HD TV.
  • <span “>Wireless Controller Compatibility: Users can sync up to two of My Arcade’s Super GamePad wireless controllers for couch co-op or solo play.
  • <span “>Sound: Enjoy the iconic beeps and boops of yesteryear out loud with a front speaker or privately via 8mm headphone jack.

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