We LOVE the Reign of Terror (or RoT) haunted house at the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks, CA. It consistently rings in as one of the best haunted houses in Southern California each year and 2019 is no exception. We arrived to the Reign of Terror early in their season and got the chance to tour its 25,000 square feet of space. This year, the Reign of Terror has added more rooms to its attraction, bringing the total number to 115! Something most people don’t realize is that Reign of Terror is actually made up of nine unique haunted houses that connect, Voltron-style, to form one giant one. Each of these haunted house areas has its own theme and style.

This is a shot of the cue area.

The line of Reign of Terror gets VERY long, so I highly recommend arriving an hour early – even if you purchase a VIP express ticket. While this ticket option does decrease the amount of line-waiting, it will still take a while to get in on a busy night (and they all seem to be busy nights). Once you get up the stairs and into the haunted house area, you are treated to a cue unlike I have ever seen. The inner line is decorated so much it might as well be a haunted house all its own! Parking at the Janss Marketplace is free, which makes RoT an outstanding deal given the length of time it takes guests to venture through its winding attraction. On our visit, we took about 25 minutes to walk through the entire thing – a staggering amount of time when compared to most haunted houses.

So, is Reign of Terror scary? Sure! If you get scared at haunted houses, you will definitely get scared at Reign of Terror. If you go to haunted houses as a haunter yourself, in order to judge them or admire and learn from them, you will learn a ton. The set design and overall effects work at Reign of Terror is top notch and puts even the most well-funded, big budget theme park haunted houses to shame. The best part is that, while Reign of Terror is scary and beautiful in its own way, it is NOT an extreme haunt. No one will touch you or torture you in any way, shape, or form. RoT is a classic haunted house taken to the nth degree and worth every penny.

At the end of the gigantic haunted house, you’ll find a photo opportunity and small gift shop where you can get hats, shirts, etc. After your visit to the Reign of Terror, you can enjoy some of the food options that the Janss Marketplace has to offer. Overall, Reign of Terror has become even better for 2019. Its new rooms are scary and make for a perfect Halloweentime evening out. You can find ticket information, hours of operation, and more at their official website.

Reign of Terror 2019

$20 to $70





Set Design





  • Scary
  • Great set design
  • Lengthy


  • Lines get super long

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