MXL is a long-time maker of audio equipment – with a large assortment of products. They have also provided some very interesting bundle packages to those creators wanting to get into the video and audio game. One of these bundles is the APS Podcasting Bundle. Featuring all the hardware you need to get started, the MXL APS Podcasting bundle is a terrific choice for the podcaster or streamer looking for a microphone solution. The MXL APS Podcasting bundle is made up of three products: The MXL BCD-1 Live Broadcast Dynamic Microphone, MXL BCD-Stand microphone stand, and the MXL Mic Mate Pro. Let’s take a look at each of these products and why they justify the bundle’s price point.

The MXL BCD-1 microphone features a cardioid polar pattern and XLR connector. Requiring 48v of Phantom Power, the microphone was built for radio broadcasts and professional-level use. It displays great side audio rejection (meaning less ambient noise interference from the sides and rear) as well as an internal, built-in shock mount. Usually, you have to purchase shock mounts separately from the microphone. With the built-in shock mount of the MXL BCD-1, you can skip that step – or – buy an additional shock mount for even better shock reduction. The choice is your’s and will depend upon your needs and recording environment. In my testing of the MXL BCD-1 microphone, I found it to be an outstanding option with excellent audio pickup. The sound is rich, clear, and will increase your content’s production value. They even include a windscreen and swivel mount in the microphone box. By itself, the microphone costs around $150 dollars.

The MXL BCD-Stand microphone desktop stand pairs terrifically with the MXL BCD-1 thanks to its articulating arm and multiple mount options. Included in the kit are both a wall mount and a clamp mount which allows for great flexibility in where the BCD-Stand is mounted. The articulating arm features mostly smooth movement (save for some rough rotational movement) and provides just enough tension to keep itself in place once manipulated. Even more impressive is that the BCD-Stand comes with a built-in XLR cable routed through the arm. This makes connecting your BCD-1 to your Mic Mate Pro a very easy thing to do without having to worry about cable management. The drawback to this would be that if something ever happened to the cable, you won’t easily be able to replace it as the cable is laid within the armature itself. By itself, the MXL BCD-Stand retails for about $70 dollars.

The MXL Mic Mate Pro allows you to adapt a pro-level XLR microphone into a USB input for your computer’s digestion. It even supplies a connected XLR microphone with 48v of phantom power. By itself, the MXL Mic Mate Pro retails for about $90 dollars. One of the coolest things about the Mic Mate Pro is that it does not require any software to connect to your computer. It is absolutely plug-and-play, allowing you to record from that pro-level BCD-1 without issue. The Mic Mate Pro even features a headphone monitor port as well as gain and monitor level knobs. The one drawback to the MXL Mic Mate Pro is that it connects to your computer by way of a mini-USB to USB-A cable. Those aren’t the most common these days so be careful not to lose it, otherwise you’ll be buying more on Amazon.

Overall, the MXL APS Podcasting Bundle is an outstanding option for those creators looking to setup their home recording studio. By bundling these three products together, MXL has allowed creators to save some money when compared to purchasing them individually. Not only is money being saved, but the products themselves make setting up one’s home, office, or dorm recording studio VERY simple by way of easy to use instructions.

MXL APS Podcasting Bundle

$299.99 Dollars

Build Quality


Easy of Use/Setup


Sound Recording Quality





  • Easy to setup
  • Great quality components
  • Professional sound recording


  • Stand cable can't be removed
  • Older USB cable needed

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