August 27th, Gliwice, Poland — Discover new routes to take in the highly contaminated Exclusion Zone of Chernobylite, but be careful! Besides being an excellent virtual alternative to visiting the Pripyat power plant and its surroundings, Chernobylite will also drive you insane. Play as a physicist who decided to revisit the area 30 years later to finally face his fears and rescue his beloved. Encounter unpredictable situations and natural, as well as supernatural threats. Overcome deadly creatures pouring out from an alternate reality. And do your best to stay conscious, as it won’t be an easy task.

And in case you missed it, check out the most recent, official gameplay trailer with a ton of new content you’ll encounter in-game.

Add the game to your wishlist on Steam ( to keep up with all news and updates from the polluted zones of Chernobyl.

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