I will never trust my gaming laptop to anything but a quality backpack – it is worth way too much to be trusted to anything but quality. We have been using the same BlizzCon 2010 messenger bag for all of our different laptops over the years, it has always been solid and reliable until recently as it tore. Thankfully, the folks at Mobile Edge contacted me and I found myself looking at their Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack sitting on my passenger seat waiting for a test run.

First off you have probably used one of their bags without knowing it because of the other brand dominate on the bag. Everyone from Alienware to Disney and DC Comics have worked with them over the years. If you have a favorite backpack, messenger bag or even purses there’s a good chance to have been done by them. Now that their work has been appreciated by different IPs they have decided to use their name on the bags with their own logo design called Mobile Edge Core Gaming. They had a Kickstarter to see if there was an interest in their own bag and were pretty happy with the results.

The backpack has a bit of heft to it, but every bit of weight is used for a feature. Starting at the top (gotta start somewhere) you have the backpack handle which is generally made of a loop of fabric attached by bag stitching. The Core uses rivets that are through the top reinforced section at the top of the bag. From the rivets runs a thick piece of fabric and thick plastic wrapped around a braided cable. Yes you lift this backpack up by a braided cable reinforced with fabric and a finger-grooved thick plastic handle at the top curve. I’m not sure I have EVER seen a better handle on a backpack or one even close to it, except maybe on one of the brands they provided their bags to, and then it would be crazy uncommon.


  • External USB 3.0 Quick-Charge compatible port and built-in charging cable.
  • Sized to hold most popular models of Gaming Laptops up to 16″
  • Checkpoint-Friendly design to speed through TSA checkpoints
  • Constructed of durable ballistic nylon with tailored contrast stitching
  • Pre-wired universal power bank pocket for charging items in each section with Velcro Panel
  • Three separate sections for a laptop, tablet, keyboard, files, accessories and your personal items.
  • Padded Air-Mesh shoulder straps, and ventilated back panel and trolley strap.
  • Organizer section provides pockets for pens, phone, business cards, keys, cables, and other accessories.
  • Separate poly-fleece lined iPad/Tablet pocket.
  • High-capacity storage compartment holds all your gaming accessories.
  • Four zippered side accessory pockets for cables, gaming mouse, phone, large water bottles, etc.

Next the bag says it holds most models of gaming laptops up to 16″, and I can say my gaming laptop is pretty sleekly designed but it is still a 17″ and it fit snug but not too tightly in the backpack, it had was still properly padded. I blew out a whistle of relief when I realized it fit. A couple of nice outer features are the four pockets that are rather large and there is a large Velcro fuzz zone so you can stick your Velcro patches to it (there are a couple choices of how much Velcro fuzz you can want). I now have a place to put my Stan Lee patch. Excelsior!

I almost forgot to mention the backpack has lots of reinforced fabric straps and padding which is designed for your comfort as well as having a couple of straps designed as shock absorbers so if the pack gets a bounce coming off a curb or you take a bad step it will stay in place and most of the shock will go to the straps instead of your back. There are even two more straps, one designed to keep the shoulder straps together and prevent them from slipping off your shoulders and another strap which is designed to go around your suitcase extended handle. You can tell they have been making backpacks for a long time and listen to their reviews and making more and more revisions and additions.

There are three zipper secured interior sections, starting at the the one at the back next to the shoulder straps is the airport security section. The zippers undo down to the base of the bag and the back splits open to show a see-thru reinforced pouch with a Velcro lockdown so for security you don’t have to take your electronics out. Across the pocket when it opens is another pouch, padded and using a Velcro lockdown as well so you can fit a keyboard in there, it is pretty much the same size. Skipping to the front pocket there are places to store cables and pens and misc. items in the front pouch with a screened pocket to put your business card or a travel tag in case you leave it in a cab or on a plane or something else that makes me physically ill to imagine doing with a backpack with my laptop and other electronics in. One of the best features of this first section is a stretchy mesh bag with a Velcro lockdown on the top that would easily handle a small battery or even a big one like the MyCharge Adventurer MEGA-C which is one of the bigger batteries on the market. Running down to is is a USB-A cable that can connect to a battery and is wired to go out of the backpack to a female USB plug. You can attach a cord for your cellphone or other electronic you want to charge! This is an awesome feature since I HATE running a cable out of a backpack zipper to charge my phone while I am at a convention taking pictures but my phone is dead. If something happens and the charging cord you are using gets a bad tug out you don’t have to worry about it damaging the battery. Plus the female plug is wrapped in a very solid plastic so if you use the battery in a campsite or while hiking it is fairly well protected from damage. The only part of it that I would mention is it would have been nicer if the cable ran inside a seam or pouch section.

The middle section has a five pouches, one nice and deep that would fit a really large item like your laptop as well as having three mesh ones, two of which have zippers. The final pouch has a nice soft lining to protect a screen such as on an iPad or something similar size nice and cozy.

When putting the backpack to the test I tried loading it to the seams and felt it hold things securely and the backpack felt like it could lift a lot more than I can! There is a cord that holds the shoulders together which is really handy in crowds such as I found at a mall, where people are looking at all the shiny and aren’t watching what they are doing (also Vegas strip and downtown). There were also the extra shocks built into the shoulder pack which helped when the bag gets knocked back or you step off the curb and the pack gets a little bounce. One of the best parts though is the handle, it is so solidly reinforced I don’t feel like I have to go to holding the pack by the shoulder pad for fear of the handle breaking off. Probably one of my favorite parts though it the airport security design to it since we always carry-on our electronics and we have A LOT of them.

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack has so many features to protect and carry your valuable electronics that you will probably start consolidating your electronic bags to this one. I feel a confidence about this backpack that I have never felt with any other, it will be great for weekend getaways or two week trips always able to protect those valuable electric products we all have become attached to and spend lots of money on. It could also be used for backpacking, hiking, camping, with or without electronics in it this is a great go-to bag. It is time to let my BlizzCon  messenger back a well deserved retirement.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

$103.99 to $123.63



Built-In Quick Charge Cable




Airport Security Section


Quality Brings Some Weight



  • Lots Of Storage
  • Built-In Airport Security Section
  • Reinforced and Padded Cushioning
  • Built-In Charging Cable


  • Weighty
  • Cord mess

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