Corsair’s Strafe and K70 RGB keyboards have been staples in many gamer arsenals. They are extremely well-built and feature some great gamer-specific enhancements. I mention this because some critics have been skeptical at the fact that these are mainly plastic body keyboards – not metal framed like some others. However, they are each fairly weighty and the plastic being used is of very durable quality. I have never encountered any issue with Corsair plastic. Recently, Corsair announced a product refresh to both the Strafe and K70 RGB gaming keyboards – upgrading them both to their Mk.2 standard.

Corsair’s Mk.2 refresh gives you some great upgrades. The K70 RGB Mk.2 features much better back-lighting with, RGB color capability. It also features some upgraded media keys which is always a plus – especially on the Strafe which did not have dedicated media keys before. With both K70 and Strafe models, you even get FPS and MOBA key caps for the WASD keys. These extra caps have special textures and contours to help make your gaming more efficient and comfortable. Each of these keyboards come with a nice, detachable wrist rest to help keep your typing as comfortable as possible. They do feature the flip out keyboard feet in order to adjust their heights, although these feet feel a bit flimsy. They do swing out to the side, however, which helps you from accidentally knocking them down if you push the keyboard by mistake. My one wish for these feet is that they rubberized the very bottom of the feet – this would help them from sliding around smooth desktops.

One thing that I always loved about Corsair that they do better than any other gaming keyboard maker out there is provide multiple Cherry MX key switch types on their keyboards. One of the nice things you can do now when purchasing the K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard off their website with any one of the following key switch types: Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent, or Cherry MX Speed. Each of these key switch type offers its own typing experience – from quiet and squishy to crisp and clicky. You are bound to find the one you want – my personal favorite is the Cherry MX Blue. They are light and have a distinctive clicking sound when pressed as well as short actuation for good response. Right now, the Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 retails for $159.99 or $169.99 depending on the key switch type selected.

The Strafe RGB Mk.2 only has two options – but, again, that’s more than many keyboard makers provide at point of purchase. The Strafe RGB Mk.2 can ship with either Cherry MX Silent or Cherry MX Red key switch types and retails for either $139.99 or $149.99 depending on your selection.

Both keyboards make use of Corsair’s CUE software control suite, which is the company’s main software suite for all their new peripherals. This software will also allow you to configure all the RGB lighting effects, patterns, etc, as well as program the keyboards profiles for whatever game or application you’re using it in.

Overall, Corsair’s K70 RGB Mk.2 and Strafe RGB Mk.2 product refreshes bring two already-proven gaming keyboards into the modern age with better key switch options, lighting effects, and more. You can find both of these keyboards available now and I would highly recommend purchasing through their official store so that you can select the key switch type you desire.

Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 and Strafe RGB Mk.2 Keyboards

$139.99 to $169.99

Build Quality









  • RGB Lighting
  • Variety of key switch types
  • USB pass through
  • Braided cord


  • Keyboard feet feel flimsy

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