I play a lot of video games and I often find myself having to stretch out a long micro USB cord so that I can finish playing when my controller battery on my Xbox One is out of juice.  Thankfully, I now have the opportunity to try out a couple items that might help me keep going! Enter: the Snakebyte Twin: Charge X and the Snakebyte Battery: Kit Pro.

The Snakebyte Twin: Charge X allows you to charge and keep two Xbox One controllers in one place. It also allows for quick charging of the controllers thanks to two included 900 mAH batteries. Install these in your controllers and place them on the Twin: Charge X unit. With the increased capacity of the included batteries, you can get between 10 and 12 hours of play. This means that if I have managed to charge both of the batteries, I can get between 20 and 24 hours straight of single player time without charging (just swapping the controllers when one loses power). And, let’s face it, if I play any longer than 24 hours in one sitting, I’m losing the sharpness on my skills fast and affecting my health (ed. note: GamingShogun.com always recommends taking breaks during your play sessions for hydration and nourishment – and sleep. You can’t play if you’re dead!).

The Twin: Charge X charging station is designed so that the controllers sit at an upward slant while also featuring a charging indicator that changes light when each controller is fully charged up. The station draws its power from one USB port on your Xbox One or wall outlet. The slanted design is particularly nice to help controllers slide into place. If I could think of any improvement it would be possibly having some sort of clip that holds the controllers in their charging docks since I have a nosy cat who knocked one of the controllers around just enough to stop it from charging. Pesky kitty!

If you do not want to go the route of a dedicated charging station, Snakebyte also puts out the Battery: Kit Pro. The Battery: Kit Pro is a combo pack containing one of their batteries and a USB charging cable. This design means you can plug your controllers into separate locations but each controller takes up a USB or wall socket location. You also don’t have the battery indicator and clean look that comes with the Twin: Charge X but if you want to simply things the most you just plug the batteries into USB or wall adapters and put the controller wherever you want in a separate location. The nice thing about this product is that you get an upgraded battery over your standard Xbox One controller’s. It should be noted that the Battery: Kit Pro batteries do not work with the Twin: Charge X station.

Both the Snakebyte Twin: Charge X and the Snakebyte Battery: Kit Pro have pros and cons to be weighed but both are great solutions to keep your Xbox One gaming going longer than before.

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