I have been living for years with degenerative disc disease which causes me much pain.  I have tried all kinds of comfort pads and desk chairs but none seem to give me the comfort I need to increase gaming time.  Enter: OFM Inc., who recently introduced their Respawn brand of gaming chairs. I recently got the chance to check out their RSP-110 model chair, a reclining model, and can’t believe what a difference it has made for me!

A few of the Respawn gaming chair models feature a mesh back designed for people who need high temperature control to the back area (sweaty gamer alert!), and they have others designed to wrap around and support the sides. However, a few like the RSP-110,  are designed to recline and take as much pressure off the spine as possible.  This model goes from 90 to 130 degrees and as it reclines the arms adjust down and back to keep providing elbow support.  One of the coolest and intriguing things that only the RSP-110 does is feature a leg recliner extension pad that is manually, separately adjusted. So, if I’m at my computer and I want to recline, I can! My head rests comfortably on the adjustable head pillow and my lower back lays on the adjustable lower back cushion. I feel like an angel baby wrapped in a cloud.

The chair feels and looks very well made, with the bars that slide out and hold the leg pad in place being stainless steel! Also, the padding and the covering on the chair is made of bonded leather and mesh.  Certain parts, like the handles to lower and recline, are made of plastic as are some other places to try to keep the weight down. Speaking of weight, the Respawn RSP-110 weighs around 50 pounds and comes un-assembled but assembly takes about 45 minutes. My wife, who put the Respawn RSP-110 together, said the instructions were clear and pieces were easily identified and put together smoothly. The collection of screws and washers even came with a section of spare parts, just in case! Thankfully, none were needed as everything fit as it should and the chair came together nicely without any cussing to be heard around my house during the assembly. There are a couple of cutouts near the neck which might be for airflow but more likely because it makes the chair look even more bad ass!

The Respawn RSP-110 gaming chair’s casters are stylish and solidly supportive with an open center meaning each caster only has two thin sections that touch the floor.  This makes it ideal to roll across any surface without continuous drag becoming an issue.  I guess if you had a shag carpet, you may want to get a mat for under the chair but pretty much any chair on the market would have a hard time with shag.  Another point of concern on chairs with reclining ability is how well the seat and back are connected – is it likely to break anytime soon leaving you a chair stuck in a 130 degree position?  This is actually an area where OFM takes particular care, if you look at the picture above it shows they have added a bolted reinforced section on the back of the Respawn RSP-110 gaming chair at their connecting point to make it so that it is strongest at the point where there is the greatest chance of breakage!

If there is anything I think they should add for the next generation of the Respawn gaming chair it would be to add on more extension in the extending leg support.  It would have to be small, basically the size of a foot rest but with taller folks like me my feet hang over the end quite a ways if I stretch them out straight.  I find that when I am using the leg rest I bend one leg in and rest my foot on it while the other stays straight when playing on consoles.  If  I stretch both legs out on the leg support it is still quite comfortable, just at first it feels like I might not support my legs but it does so fine.  Some people might want the option of a mesh back to help the chair breath better but personally I like the leather back and I know if during the summer if I decide I need more air circulation that I can always buy a metal mesh chair backing for really cheap at a discount or chain store.

The price point is certainly not an issue, OFM is trying to get their name out their about their line of chairs so at least at this point on the market most of their line of chairs are extremely affordable, in a lot of cases when it comes to gaming stuff you are paying for the name, in this case they aren’t that well known yet so you can get them for a steal.

Overall, I am ecstatic that OFM launched its line of Respawn gaming chairs and the Respawn RSP-110 is an excellent choice for those of you in need of a new gaming chair. The Respawn RSP-110 retails for $139 dollars and is available now at various online retailers.

*The statements made in this review are the solely the opinion of the reviewer

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