Recently, we got to borrow one of the 35 inch curved UltraWide displays from AOC’s Agon brand. The AC352UCG features 3440×1440 resolution, up to 100Hz response rate, and the ability to use NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology. But, does this UltraWide display warrant its $900 price tag? Read on to find out!

Excitedly, I unboxed the AOC Agon 35 inch UltraWide display and was very impressed at both its build quality and its ease of setup. The box contains the stand, display, and even a set of HDMI and DisplayPort cables! The AG352UCG is a behemoth of a display, measuring 33.35 inches wide and featuring a black, thin bezel as to not distract the user from what they are playing. It also weighs about 12 pounds, making it a very stable addition to your desktop. Just for safety purposes, you should double-check your desk to make sure it can physically accommodate the AOC Agon AG352UCG’s size and mass before setting it down. Once I sat the display down on my desk, I connected the DisplayPort cable from my computer to the monitor and started it up. One thing to note about DisplayPort cables that is different than plugging in an HDMI cable is that, with DisplayPort cables, you must push them in fully until you hear an audible click. Once in, however, that clip system helps the cable not fall out by accident. Also of note on this display is a small pylon that folds out of the upper right hand corner. Once deployed, this tiny hook is actually a headphones holder – very smart!

Fallout 4 UltraWide is pretty damn cool

After Windows had booted up, I went to AOC’s website and got the latest monitor drivers then installed the latest NVIDIA display drivers as I was a version behind. After installation, I went into my monitor settings and made sure 3440×1440 was selected and created a new resolution with 100Hz refresh rate. This is technically overclocking the monitor as far as Windows is concerned, but the AOC Agon AC352UCG is rated to handle the refresh rate without issue. Once the custom resolution was created, I applied the settings and went into my NVIDIA control panel to make sure G-SYNC was enabled.

UltraWide screen resolution is not supported by every game out there – sometimes you will have to select a lesser resolution and deal with black bars on each side of your display. But, this is just the nature of the beast. Some games, such as Fallout 4, have third-party mods which enable UltraWide resolutions. So, I installed the mod for Fallout 4 and began a new journey into the Commonwealth. There is some distortion in the image as it gets to the sides of the display – but that is a symptom of UltraWide resolutions in general – even when you go to three display setups. It has to do with how the virtual camera lens translates 3D images on a 2D display. What’s better is that you don’t get the bezel and separation interrupting your experience like you do with those multi-monitor setups. Thanks to the display’s 100Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, I barely noticed any screen tearing or ghosting and could not be happier with my time playing on the monitor.

The curve of the display helps not only with immersion but, also the appearance of having a large display than you actually do. After using the AOC Agon AC352UCG for a time, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any gamer looking for that experience. In fact, it is going to be difficult going back to a regular display after having all that extra real estate! It was nice being able to use half the screen for writing in MS Word and the other half for browsing the Web. Speaking of typing, the display featured some really nice, sharp text and I didn’t notice any eye strain once I got the brightness and contrast settings where I wanted them. There is also one really fun thing about watching movies in UltraWide aspect ratios – no black bars! I watched several movies on the AOC Agon AC352UCG and was very pleased to see Rogue One stretch across my entire screen, uninterrupted!

The AOC Agon AC352UCG’s biggest issue is the 5-way hat control at the bottom of the monitor’s frame. It is what controls the display’s power on/off as well as all the on-screen controls and menus. The problem with the control is that it doesn’t have a high return-to-center pull so it gets kind of “sloppy”. But, I digress. The AOC Agon AC352UCG features the usual on-screen menu commands such as color correction and volume (yes, it has two built-in 2W speakers). Also on the monitor, you will find a headphones jack which allows you to game without disturbing others.

Movies with no black bars?! Awesome!

One interesting thing about the AOC Agon AC352UCG is what they are calling AOC SceneLighting, which is an array of light strips – two on the bottom of the front bezel and four on the back of the display. These can be set to various colors so that, at a tournament you can section off gamers by team color, etc. It also just looks plain cool – and does not take away from the gaming experience at all. My only wish would be that AOC would have implemented that adaptive backlight technology to the SceneLighting system.

Overall, the AOC Agon AC352UCG performs beautifully – especially when the gaming action gets intense. It currently retails for $900 dollars at online retailers like We’d like to thank AOC for letting us borrow one of these displays for the purposes of reviewing it. You can find the AOC Agon AC352UCG at various online retailers.

AOC Agon 35 Inch Curved Display AC352UCG











  • Great design
  • Good performance
  • Excellent curvature


  • Squishy control knob

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