This holiday gift guide will focus on Airsoft, an action sport/hobby which is gaining popularity around the world.

KWA Ronin SBR 10 AEG

The Ronin line of airsoft electric guns from KWA combines the solid performance of their v2.5 AEG and v3 ERG rifles with a stylish new rail system as well as some nifty PTS furniture. Additionally, the line was designed with modularity in mind, making it easy to change out the various upper receivers to customize your rifle for the game at hand. Finally, these new airsoft rifles feature the variable performance system allowing the user to fine tune their FPS.

The Ronin series is available now and retails between $299 and $399 depending on the model.

KRISS Vector Gen 2 AEG

The KRISS Vector gas blowback rifle is a veritable unicorn among airsoft enthusiasts. Sadly, it’s time in the “new” airsoft market is done, but Krytac has resurrected the rifle in the form of the KRISS Vector Gen 2 AEG. Featuring the same realistic look and feel – as well as an airsoft version of the real rifle’s recoil system – this is a terrific choice for indoor or outdoor play (recommend a minor spring upgrade for outdoor play however). The Kriss Vector Gen 2 AEG also features all the cool stuff you have come to expect from Krytac like a MOSFET, rotary hop up, and tight bore barrel. Additionally, this AEG has a 2-round burst fire mode!

The Kriss Vector Gen 2 AEG is available now for around $450 dollars.

G&G GPM92 Gas Blowback Pistol

G&G has taken a big step to move further into the gas blowback pistol market with their GPM92. Based off of the Beretta 92, this pistol features some really interesting technical modifications over standard gas blowback pistols. First, the GPM92 features a special “whirl” valve that rotates as green gas passes through it. This rotational spin is designed to reduce the build up of frost inside the slide. Additionally, the valves on the GPM92’s magazines have a special filter to remove moisture particles from the output. It is not usual to see this kind of innovation and it is clear that G&G has come to the gas blowback pistol market ready to play.

The G&G GPM92 is available now (although sold out in many places) for $120 dollars.

Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader

After a recent controversy where their design was essentially “ripped-off” by Valken, it is my pleasure to announce the Odin Innovations M12 sidewinder speed loader as part of our gift guide. This speed loader represents some serious ingenuity and it makes loading your STANAG style AEG magazines extremely simple – both on the field and off. The Odin M12 can hold about 1600 rounds and features a nifty cut-off system when your magazine is full. Don’t buy any overseas reproductions if you are in need of a speedloader – go buy the original. The parts are more rugged and you are supporting a deserving business attempting to make our hobby more enjoyable.

The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder is available now for around $40 dollars.

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