After a turbulent, one year hiatus, the LA Ghost Train has returned to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum in Griffith Park! The LA Ghost Train allows guests to ride on 7½” gauge model trains around spooky sets and scenes. We parked at the public park right next to the LA Ghost Train gate one hour before the attraction opened. It is important to get there early as the parking lots are small and the line gets very long very quickly. At 7:00 PM, the LA Ghost Train opened and creator Gary Baker welcomed us onto our model train. The trains are a big part of the LA Ghost Train experience and, even though it is rather dark during the evening experience, you can make out a lot of the detail to be found on the trains – the amount of work building and maintaining them has to be appreciated.

Our ride around the LA Ghost Train track was so much fun – the sets and scenes that have been constructed this year are great. Unfortunately, some of the sets had been destroyed after the event was temporarily canceled, so they had to be rebuilt. What’s even more amazing is that the LA Ghost Train crew had a VERY short amount of time to get the attraction ready after the LA Live Steamers board gave the event the green light for 2017. You would never know they only had 6 weeks to get it all together as everything looks amazing. The ride lasts for around 2o minutes and, during your ride, you’ll see a ton of spooky fun stuff.

The best part about the LA Ghost Train is not just that it is unique – I can’t think of another haunted train experience in SoCal – but that it’s family-friendly! The sets are spooky and have some startling elements, but it is all very tame in comparison to most haunted houses, which try to one up each other in the gore factor.  Most of the sets at the LA Ghost Train are activated by the train passing by sensors and are of the animatronic variety, but the event does have some impressive pyrotechnic effects – there are no scare actors at the LA Ghost Train. This combination of spooky fun and family-friendliness makes the LA Ghost Train a Halloween time tradition for many families.

A ticket to ride on the LA Ghost Train costs $20 dollars and is well worth the cost of admission. In fact, the LA Ghost Train is the Los Angeles Live Steamers only annual fundraiser. Operating the trains and maintaining the trains and tracks costs a lot of money throughout the year and the ticket sales go to help keep the machinery working.

Overall, the 2017 LA Ghost Train is an amazing experience that offers fun for all ages and is one of the best family-friendly haunted attractions in Southern California. The LA Ghost Train runs various days throughout October – check out their official website for dates, ticket information, and more.

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