Recently, we got the chance to check out the new Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse. Corsair has been crafting quality gaming peripherals for a while now, so we are generally excited to review any of their new releases, and the Glaive RGB was no exception. Opening the shipping box, we found the Glaive RGB gaming mouse box designed in the traditional yellow and black Corsair color branding scheme. The box is eye-catching, and made me want to take a look at the mouse within, so we did!

The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse comes in two color accent varieties: a black and an aluminum. However, regardless of which accent color you select, most of the mouse will be a dark black and gunmetal. The shape and feel of the mouse are both comfortable, and you can better fit it to your hand with the three included, interchangeable thumb grips. They don and doff via strong magnets, so it is easy to swap them out. Using the mouse is very comfortable and I had no problems using it for long periods as a “palm grip” mouse user.

Thankfully, the Corsair Glaive RGB is not just comfortable, but it also performs. It features quite a few enhancements to help your gaming experience – enhancements such as a 1ms response rate, new Omron buttons rated at 50 million clicks, and onboard profile storage so you take your preferences with you. Additionally, the Corsair CUE software suite works with the Glaive RGB and allows you to configure your lighting profiles, sensitivity, and a lot more. The Corsair Glaive RGB is equipped with an up to 16,000 DPI optical gaming sensor that allows the CUE software to run a nifty surface calibration utility. This utility will help detect the kind of mousing surface you’re using and adjust the Glaive RGB settings to match. It sounds a bit gimmicky but it does seem to work.

I got the chance to use the Corsair Glaive RGB with several kinds of video games. First on my list was Fallout 4 – I have been replaying it with third-party mods and the Glaive RGB made navigating the commonwealth and taking on its various creatures and outlaws piece of cake. I have to commend Corsair for their choice of buttons in the Glaive RGB, they are snappy and don’t feel cheap at all, and they can make anyone more responsive during FPS combat. The next game I tried out while using the Glaive RGB was SEGA’s Dawn of War III. The Glaive RGB made handling the RTS, which has a lot happening at any one time, a lot smoother. Having the right tool for the job is always a good idea and it showed here. Lastly, I fired up some Stellaris, a 4X space strategy title from Paradox Interactive. The Glaive RGB gave me no issues after even several hours of play – the mouse was very comfortable.

The Corsair Glaive RGB also sports a braided cord which is something that I have also loved ever since they started coming out on gaming mice back in the late 1990s. The braided cable helps avoid tangles, the last thing you want in the middle of an intense game session. Also, the Glaive RGB features, as you would guess by its name, three zone RGB backlighting. While not quite as eye-catching as some RGB color mice on the market, the Glaive RGB looks great and at just under $70 dollars, is more than enough style. Another thing I love about this mouse is its scroll wheel. The wheel is larger than most, made from aluminum, and coated in a nice rubberized texture.

The one drawback we could find was when I let another person use it with their “finger tip” mouse grip style. They did not like the mouse for that style of usage as they found it too ergonomically designed. Those finger tip mouse gamers don’t need a lot of mouse with their style of play, so the added curve of the Glaive RGB is not as conducive for them. As grip is a personal preference, I highly recommend you find one to test if you too are a finger tip mouse user.

Overall, the Corsair Glaive RGB is a very good gaming mouse with a lot of features for the reasonable price point of $69.99. The mouse is available now and can be found at online retailers as well as Corsair’s official website.

Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review Score

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