World of Tanks has been one of my favorite games since it first showed up at E3 years ago.  Its sister games World of Warplanes and World of Warships are really good too but nothing seems to compete with the original which has me coming back to it no matter what system it is on.  Its newest platform isn’t a game but rather a graphic novel and that brings up the question if the game holds up well in static print.

Turn The Page:

First off it should be known that it is penned by Garth Ennis, which if you don’t know the name yet you probably know the work.  He wrote some Punisher, Hellblazer, all of Preacher, and a great series of comics called Battlefield, more than one run that involves tank crews.  When he does his war writing things get down and dirty so he was a perfect fit for World of Tanks.  I can’t think of any better modern war story writer to pen this fledgling series.

Ennis was also able to cover the fact that in games you are able to adjust your armor, guns and engine to change the speed by having the adjusted tank be an accidental training prototype that allows an advantage to the crew that knows and a disadvantage to the German tankers who don’t.  This leaves it wide open for changes in future installments when he is working with other countries and their tanks.

World of Tanks as a game isn’t gory, it just shows burning vehicles.  Garth Ennis is known for trying to be as realistic about the gore as he can, not shying from nastiness.  However he also knows the audience he is supposed to be working for and though you might see some bodies you won’t see much gore.  It seemed to be a compromise of Ennis and the publisher/game owners.

One thing I do want to point out though is if you had gotten the comics when they came out they had free codes to get starter kits and a free tank on each of the systems you can play the game on.  The starting kit and tank might have actually paid for your first couple issues.  The codes are expired by now but next time you might want to take a chance on the comic instead of waiting for the graphic novel.

Last Shot:

World of Tanks being written by Garth Ennis is a match made in literary heaven.  I am not sure who came up with the idea for this graphic novel.  Perhaps they just looked up “battlefield comics” on Google or they may have already been fans of Ennis from Preacher or The Boys.  However it happened I just can’t wait to see the next gift they bring us – it’s a great read!

World of Tanks Graphic Novel Review Score

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