About 6 months ago I was 325 pounds and on multiple medications to control my Type 2 Diabetes. Even with my canes I could not stand for more than a few minutes at a time.  I was trying to get into weight loss surgery to help with both mental and physical results of my weight including worsening my degenerative bone disease complications.  Basically I was a medical wreck but my insurance like so many other people’s gave me the run around and denied me. So I got out my cane, strapped my phone to my hand, and started walking the court we live on in case I collapsed too badly and couldn’t walk home I could possible call for help or crawl home.  It was painful from the beginning and the only thing that helped was diving deep into my music.  I now have a weight flux between 255-265 pounds, less Diabetic meds and even though I still have to walk with a cane because I still have all my medical ailments I can walk longer before having to lay back down.  That means I am always testing headphones and this time I got the privilege of testing my first wireless ones with the Advanced Evo X Wireless In-Ear Monitors.

Locked In:

The Evo X Monitors have a feature I particularly needed in earphones and that is the “twist and lock” into your ears design.  They twist from the front, slide into your ear canal and have tubing that wraps around your ear.  Sometimes even the shortest of walks such as to the bathroom can have me overwhelmed in pain and staring at the ground or pulling off my hat to wipe away the sweat and these just stay on and stay in place when bumped.  They supply different size ear foam buds to make sure you have the one that fits your ears best and a travel case to keep them safe in and to keep the spare buds in a mesh holder.

All the comfort of headphones don’t matter if the sound doesn’t come through clearly.  Luckily they have wired clarity.  They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and have and surprisingly nice range.  I was listening to some music while preparing for one of my “death marches” and couldn’t find my phone in my pocket when I was about to go out the door.  Turned out I had left it on the bedpost upstairs at the other end of the house and yet I had no problem with reception.  So they have comfort and range, but what about how long does the battery last?  After my walk and laying down on the bed watching programs on my phone I found the battery worked about 4-5 hours which is probably a lot more than the average person needs and it takes about two hours to recharge, less if you use a speed charging battery.

The controls only take a little while to get used to and that is because they are so nicely low profile.  It wasn’t until reading the box that I found out it had a built in mic for taking calls, hence being called “monitors” instead of just “headsets”.  Everything is low profile even the cable between monitors could be hidden under a hat or knit cap.

Last Words:

The Advanced Evo X Wireless In-Ear Monitors are the most comfortable in-ear headphones I have ever used as well as being the most secure.  I wish I could say I will be using them but my wife who is getting weight loss surgery in a couple weeks has already laid claim to them so I only have them until surgery time.  I’ll have to look forward to Advanced’s other lines of products and hopefully I will be able to get a pair for myself!

Advanced Evo X Wireless In-Ear Monitors Review Score

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