Mountain High was once again nice enough to invite us to their media day to kick off the ski season. The snow has been falling like crazy in Wrightwood over the past couple weeks and it is keeping quite nice on the mountain – so nice that, on the day we visited, they were able to open the other side of the resort as well as the Tubing park! Our day started off with a cold drive up into town which was stopped temporarily as CalTrans was requiring people to attach snow chains to their tires in order to go any further into town. If you have never put snow chains on before, I highly recommend that you practice before you get to this point! Thankfully, the chains I have are auto-tightening which made things pretty straightforward but, if you don’t have those you are in for a time of it. Once we arrived, we hustled into the lodge and met up with the Mountain High / Oster Ads PR crew who provided some light breakfast foods and lift tickets.

From there, we embarked on our skiing and snowboarding adventure in some seriously cold weather. We were at about 30 degrees and active snowfall while we were there, which caused “white out” conditions for a time. You can see how things looked in our photo gallery below. We are still new to skiing and so we spent a lot of time around the practice slope just getting used to our skis. Going up the lift to the higher slopes would have been mighty harrowing with that weather the way it was! Usually, our Southern California Winter seasons don’t offer the kind of snowfall they are seeing at the mountain right now. It is a great time to go skiing as the powder is fresh and your board or skis will glide very easily over it, making for some quick downhills. We eventually settled into an après-ski lunch and then headed on into Wrightwood proper for some sightseeing and sledding (unfortunately, there is no place to bring your own sled or toboggan into Mt High).

Be sure to check out the gift/pro shop in the Mountain High lodge for souvenirs of your day’s fun as well as any supplies you may have forgotten. We personally forgot ski gloves, so we picked them up in the shop. The resort also offers equipment rentals, so don’t feel like you have to bring your own skis, boards, poles, or boots. The rental process is pretty straightforward, just head inside the building and use the terminals along the wall first – THEN wait int the line for the rest of the gear. If you wait in line before using the terminal, you are wasting your time. Also located on the resort is the Bullwheel Grill, where you can get something to eat and drink. Unfortunately, the grill was closed on the day we were there, but we have eaten there before.

Also, parking is available on site but you will probably want to be there as early as you can as the lots tend to fill up quickly. There is additional parking at the East and North resorts but that might not be where you want to spend you time depending on your goals, skill level, etc so it’s your call. For my purposes as a beginner, the West resort was best as that’s where the lodge and practice hill are located. If you feel like doing some tubing, the Tubing area is located to the North of the resort and tickets have to be purchased on site. I would recommend doing this early as the tubing park will sell out for the day after a time. Tubing is a lot of fun for adults and kids alike – the experience is a total blast.

Overall, we had a great time visiting Mountain High and highly recommend it to any of you Southern Californians looking to get your skiing or snowboarding adventures on. Plus, once you are done at the resort you can head into Wrightwood and enjoy some small town shopping and dining experiences. Lift tickets, season passes, and more are available at the official mountain high resort website. Also of note is their M.A.X. Pass program, which is a shared annual pass between Mountain High and 38 other mountain resorts! If you are a ski buff who chases the snow throughout the entire year, you might seriously consider this.

Mountain High Official Website

Mountain High Media Day 2017 Photo Gallery


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