Running now through September 5, 2016 you will find that the newly-refurbished Ghost Town section of Knott’s Berry Farm is bristling with activity. “Ghost Town Alive” populates the Old West town with a cast of characters which interact with guests throughout the day. Furthering this immersion is an over-arching storyline which plays out and allows for guests to be a part of.

Think of it like an in-person MMO. Simply walk up to one of the many characters in Ghost Town and hail them (EverQuest fans, unite!). Strike up that conversation, as you might be sent on an errand for that person that leads you to another person – who also has a quest for you to undertake. Quest rewards? It’s got those too – but I don’t want to spoil them for you. There are the usual Old West town tropes – a doctor, sheriff, outlaw, etc as well as many others.


What impressed me most was just how, unlike the characters at the “park down the street”, these folks interacted with each other in actual dialog. From what I gleaned, the cast of characters went through five weeks of training to learn all their mannerisms, dialog, etc with a great emphasis on improvisational techniques.

The refurbishment of Ghost Town went very well, and the park’s oldest themed area has never looked better. And, while these enhancements are a welcome thing from a guest perspective, what really sells the area are the previously-mentioned characters. The place simply looks fantastic and is a blast to walk around. We spent most of our time simply going from character to character and being a part of the Ghost Town Alive story.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is open once again – this time, with all-new decor and interior construction. Check out the photos in the gallery below to see it for yourself. The food hasn’t changed much and is still an excellent experience. Dignitaries used to come to the restaurant from far and wide – now the park can be proud of how the restaurant looks. It was getting very dated before, and this breathes an amazing amount of new life into it.


GhostRider, the park’s wooden roller-coaster, underwent a huge renovation, with the track being completely replaced. The results are exceptional – never before has that coaster felt so smooth to ride on. Riders of the previous incarnation of the coaster all know how jarring it was on one’s back and neck – fun, but jarring. Now, however, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. It still has that wooden coaster feel but with more of a steel coaster ride experience.

Overall, Ghost Town Alive, the new Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, and the renovated GhostRider are all fantastic experiences and I highly recommend you check them out. Remember, the Ghost Town Alive events only occur until September 5th…. Then things start to get scary at Knott’s.

Link: Knott’s Bery Farm Official Website


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